Gerry and Alan Respond to the SOTU


Gerry reacts to President Obama’s first State of the Union address:

Wow… I had planned a satirical response to the SOTU message, but after viewing Obama’s speech last night, I find no humor in this at all.  It’s not deserving of being treated with  humor. It needs to be treated with utter disdain.
Obama and Biden are flying into Tampa, Florida this morning for a speech this afternoon and a presentation of a grant to start construction on a high-speed commuter rail between Tampa and Orlando. If I lived in that area and he were speaking in the room next door, I don’t think I could bring myself to take 10 steps to share the air inside that room with him. He’s turning into a toxic fireball… the antagonist in a B-movie about the attempted hijacking of our government, like a bad movie directed by Alan Smithee.

I need to walk away from the speech or else I will have a stroke. Seriously.  

Alan responds:

I didn’t watch it… But as you know, there’s a bad moon a rising… Interesting that Pelosi is going to charge ahead with health care… She says thay if the conservatives close the gate they’ll jump the fence… If the fence is too high, they’ll pole vault over it, and if it’s still too high, they’ll parachute in… (Seriously, that’s what she said.)

At this point, the gloves are coming off between the American people and the American government. The arrogance of these politicians is about to turn into hubris…

That being said, we should stress peaceful dissent… When the American people figure out that we don’t owe $12 trillion, but instead nearly $100 trillion, there could be Hell to pay. And that’s especially true if the Health Care Bill goes through with a tax exemptions for unions.

4 Responses to Gerry and Alan Respond to the SOTU

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    And just think: Only three more years of this.

    This will be the ultimate test of our patience and resolve as a society. A lot of Americans have the fear that something wicked comes this way and, worst of all, it’s being led by our own President. It’s what we do with that fear that will define us as a nation.

    I believe in my heart we can (and will) prevail. But we can only do this in a lawful manner. That’s where America’s power is the greatest. As long as we still have the Constitution behind us, we will prevail. Obama knows that and that’s why he’s positioning himself to do “end-runs” around it. As a lawyer, surrounded by left-wing radicals, he will exploit every loophole available.

    There is still strong democratic support for Obama in Congress, but it’s dwindling fast as those Dems are finally realizing they are accountable. And I don’t really believe they support the level of radicalism Obama is pushing. As his agenda becomes more and more clear to the slowest of the Democrats who still haven’t caught on, I believe they too will turn away from him in significant numbers.

    The problem is the speed in which Obama attempts to do things in order to push things through before we have a chance to catch the significance. THAT has to stop. And the sooner we throw out those democrats who are up for re-election this year and support Obama, the harder it will be for him to shove things through in the darkness of night and under the guise of “emergency.”

    Final point: It is imperative that Americans get over the “TV Nation” mentality that everything can be resolved in 60 minutes with time for 12 commercials. Democracy doesn’t work that way except on TV. Unless we continue to be vigilant, stay focused and remain just as actively involved, we will find ourselves WITHOUT the freedom we had, a Constitution that has been slipped into the archives and the world will have lost its biggest beacon of hope.

    We don’t just have a responsibility to our children to prevent that from happening, we also have a responsibility to the world to make sure the United States remains with freedom and true Democracy intact. And there’s nothing democratic about a President, Speaker of the House and Senate Majority leader thumbing their nose at the American public as they procede to impose their will on us. Only an idiot could look at this and not see this is not democracy in action, but absolute tyranny.

    With that in mind, it’s not hard to realize that without action on our part, this may get very ugly and for a protracted amount of time. I never thought it would come to this in our lifetime, but there it is, folks. Please see my rant tomorrow for more information.

  2. Doug says:

    It’s hard for me to remember that the President does have some support. I don’t see how anybody can be that blind, but hatred is a powerful blinding force. Hatred for Bush and republicans runs strong, swift, and deep in some rivers.

    Apparently it’s hard for the President to realize that a growing number of folks, perchance a clear majority, no longer support him.

    We do have the means to resist and the progressives look like they will learn that lesson the hard way. Aren’t we blessed that this will likely happen with ballots instead of other more time honored mechanisms?

    This is why the SOTU was an evening of mixed emotions for me. Disappointment that the president appears to have learned nothing from the blue to red trend seen in 3 of 4 recent major elections.

    Disappointment because maybe I believe so much in the redemption of man that I held out hope that our leadership would realize the error of their ways and show some contrition and a sense of obligation to their offices.

    Fear that the progressives are undeterred with their anti-liberty agenda and anti-constitutional policy goals.

    Fear that too many of our citizens are caught up in the madness, bigoted to the point of animus towards those who differ.

    Pride that we can fix this because in America the people get a say in every election.

    Hopeful that enough people are waking up and seeing the danger that some of us perceived all along.

    Confident that America will prevail, because Americans will do what has to be done come November….

  3. Tom says:

    I hate to say I told you so, but then, again, I told you so. As have others.

    You’re right, it ain’t over ’til it’s over, but getting over is going to be very painful. I’m going to ask a somewhat rhetorical question, how do you “do this in a lawful manner” when the folks who are misbehavin’ have nearly ultimate power and daily show disdain for the law? If we wait for elections to counterbalance their evil intentions, it will likely be too late to fix the damage. Impeachment? Not with a Democrat majority. What then?

    It appears that we are in a situation where the conservatives have to “hope” that enough Democrats in the House and Senate start jumping off the Obama bandwagon so that he and Reid and Pelosi become impotent for the next two years. That is a lot to hope for.

    Or …….anyone..anyone ??

  4. Gerry Ashley says:

    Tom wrote: “I’m going to ask a somewhat rhetorical question, how do you “do this in a lawful manner” when the folks who are misbehavin’ have nearly ultimate power and daily show disdain for the law?”

    Tom, what I meant was if we resort to violence or lawbreaking, we essentially lower ourselves to the same level as those who are in power. What good is replacing one law-breaking mob with another? It also sends a message to the world that Democracy doesn’t work… “See? They had to get violent to stop or overthrow those people who were abusing their positions.”

    I don’t want to be the one who sends that message to the rest of the world, for it will make it that much easier for despots and thugs to squash any attempts by others who yearn for the freedom you and I have enjoyed for so long.

    If we can’t take back the country at the ballot box, then, assuming the ballot counting isn’t fixed, we have therefore ceded Democracy to thugs. I don’t believe that will happen again. Yes, a lot of good people were fooled by the smiling Obama during the campaign. A good chunk of those people have swallowed their pride and admitted they were taken. Others will take a little longer, but are coming around. I predict we WILL prevail in November, but ONLY if we reach into our history to really UNDERSTAND where our freedom came from and what it took to maintain it.

    You’ve got to keep in mind, with the exception of those of us who served in the Military, most people in our generation didn’t lift a finger in support of the freedom they’ve enjoyed. They’ve been the beneficiaries of the sacrifices of millions of people who have served this country and been killed or wounded doing so. It’s now time for those who have coasted to stand and be counted. Or they can wave bye-bye to the world they knew. And this is NOT negotiable. Some won’t have the character to do so because they were never raised to have character. But I believe the vast majority of Americans will stand in defiance. I hope they do so legally.

    That said, so did the colonists, and it turned into a war with England.

    So did the Union members before the Civil War.

    The difference is today we have far more to lose and far more venues to travel in search of solutions. Violence should always be the last resort.

    Glenn Beck has a new theme song that states:

    “We Must Remember Who We Are! We Will Be The Key…”

    While that doesn’t say it all, it’s an important start.

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