Peaceful Transition of Power in Honduras

UPDATE: U.S. ambassador booed at inauguration.

Roberto Micheletti, interrim President of Honduras, steps down today to allow for the peaceful transition of power to the newly elected president of the tiny nation, Porfirio Lobo Sosa. You may recall that Micheletti was appointed after former President Zelaya attempted to overturn the country’s election process  (with the assistance of President Obama’s favorite thug, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela) and was promptly, unceremoniously, and constitutionally removed from office.

President Micheletti immediately went to work to ensure that a new president would be elected according to the Honduran constitution, which occurred without incident in late November of 2009. The result of that election is that Porfirio Lobo Sosa is being sworn into his new office today.

Meanwhile Micheletti, having vacated the Presidential Palace, attended a Mass today, held to give gratitude to God and to celebrate the survival of Honduran democracy throughout the crisis perpetrated by ousted President Zelaya. At the basilica, President Micheletti was greeted with a hero’s welcome and a well-deserved two minute standing ovation.

And where is the United States while all this is happening in a tiny democracy well within our sphere of influence? Why isn’t Joe Biden one of the dignitaries congratulating Micheletti for helping to save the democratic and constitutional process of his nation? And why isn’t Hillary Clinton standing front and center as Lobo Sosa is sworn in?

Once again America’s devotion and long-time support of democracy and freedom is ignored by our President in favor of being loved by thugs like Chavez and Ahmadhinejad. All through their constitutional crisis, America should have been standing by the side of constiutionality in Honduras. But we weren’t there. In fact, we were actively criticizing the ouster, the appointment of Micheletti, and Zelaya’s exile. We even cut off aid to Honduras, which in my opinion is shameful.

As a result, Honduras pulled itself through its crisis without any help from anyone, in what used to be thought of as a “thoroughly American way”. Perhaps it’s time for us to cede that high ground to Micheletti and the people of Honduras. They deserve the accolade.

And we do not.


6 Responses to Peaceful Transition of Power in Honduras

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    Just another example of the “botchery” of an inexperienced statesman. The only word that comes to mind is clueless on protocol.

    Then again, by not attending, Obama spared us the embarassment of him bowing to the valet.

  2. Felipe Krause says:

    Thank you for a great perspective on what is going on in my home land. I wish more people saw it the way you do! You avoided using the term “coup” (it was NOT).

  3. Stoutcat says:

    Felipe, thanks for your comment. It was definitely not a coup! (Actually, I guess it was an attempted coup by Zelaya, but your country stood strongly by your constitution and made the right decisions on how to handle the crisis.

    You all should be very proud of how this turned out for you. The American people are proud for you, even if our president chose to criticize your country for how it handled the problem.

    May God bless you all!

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  5. Tom says:

    Excellent piece, Stoutcat! Bravo to you, and a big BRAVO to the Honduran people.

    Felipe, your countrymen deserve the praise of the rest of the world for their courage and for their resolute adherence to the rule of their law.

    As for the despicable absence of US dignitaries during these laudable events, Honduras might well consider themselves fortunate that the ceremonies were not sullied by their attendance.

    I wish I could be as proud to be an American right now as I am proud for Honduras.

  6. Waldina C. says:

    THANK YOU, so few get the truth of what really happened here, I wish with all my heart the truth came out soon. We LOVE our republic, our freedom, our democracy and HATE comunism/socialism a la Chavez, tha’s why we are SO inmensely happy for Zelaya’s outster, we want him out of our countr, out of our lives, forever!

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