Discredited Scientific Theory Receives Yet Another Blow


Those poor AGW “scientists” and their supporters. The whole ClimateGate scandal was bad enough, with the embarrassing release of emails from the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit which strongly suggest that scientists there conspired to hide research results detrimental to the claims of man-made global warming, and to discover ways to “fix” the outcome of experiments to support the agendas of  major global-warming advocacy groups desperate to show that global warming is real.

Then came GlacierGate:

…in which it is revealed that a prediction in the last international panel report that the Himalayan glaciers could all disappear by 2035 was wildly exaggerated. Some of the biggest glaciers in the Himalayas are so massive and so high it would actually take them 300 years to melt.

It was a grievous error, and the way it got into the panel’s 2007 report only compounded the offence. It was based on a casual remark by a single Indian scientist, Syed Hasnain, that found its way into a World Wildlife Fund study (which gave it the respectability of appearing in print), and thence into the panel’s 2007 report.

To add idiocy to the insult and injury above, we now have AmazonGate! James Delingpole of the Telegraph reports that:

…not content with having lied to us about shrinking glaciers, increasing hurricanes, and rising sea levels, the IPCC’s latest assessment report also told us a complete load of porkies about the danger posed by climate change to the Amazon rainforest.

Amazingly Predictably, the path leads right back to ClimateGate and the IPCC (support the agendas of major global-warming advocacy groups) as well as to GlacierGate (using an advocacy group’s suspect “report” as a basis for scientific conclusion).

And just what is AmazonGate? Within the IPCC report is an alarming claim that as much as 40% of the Amazon rainforests could be affected (adversely, of course) by even a slight reduction in precipitation. While this claim sounds both drastic and sweeping, it turns out that this claim is from another WWF study. Written by learned climate scientists? Of course not! Written by a policy wonk and a freelance journalist, to advance a specific agenda, with no scientific basis at all.

How long will it take for the sheer ineptitude of these so-called “climate scientists” to pull down the whole “global warming” scam? I mean, even Al Gore isn’t this stupid. Is he?


UPDATE: HotAir is on the case as well.

UPDATE II: More excellent information on AmazonGate can be found at EU Referendum here and here.

H/T: FreeRepublic

16 Responses to Discredited Scientific Theory Receives Yet Another Blow

  1. The single biggest hazard to the Amazon is ethanol lie that they crammed down our throats and into our gastanks. The effects of ethanol on deforestation—at the hands of the liberal ‘let’s just do anything so that they think we’re doing something’ agenda—are a real threat, unlike the global warming scam.

    • Stoutcat says:

      Amen to that, sister! Actually, I just checked out your blog and it’s terrific and if even half the things you have written about recently are true (and I presume they are…), you are an amazing person. Hope you’ll stick around here–you fit right in.

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    I mean, even Al Gore isn’t this stupid. Is he?

    Did you mean that to be a rhetorical question? If not, I’ll let Forest Gump provide the answer to that:
    “Stupid is as stupid does…”

    Notice Gore’s been keeping a low profile lately? All these record low temps we’re having are causing the fuel lines in his Gulfstream private jet to freeze. Bummer of an excuse for cancelling an appearance on Global Warming, eh?

  3. the other Ken says:

    Love your penguin picture. I can visualize it in an Al Gore movie with a “very serious narrator” describing how the poor penguins are committing suicide by diving into the icy waters of the Antarctic because of their despair in losing their habitat to AGW.


  4. MrXYZ says:

    Glaciergate–A relatively tame Hitler parody video

    Glaciergate: Hitler’s Last Straw

    “As chief operating officer for the cabal of Billionaires who control the global warming scam, Hitler quickly realizes the long range implications of “Glaciergate”.”

  5. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Stoutcat: Discredited Scientific Theory Receives Yet Another Blow: http://bit.ly/8Xss0v First came ClimateGate, then GlacierGate, now AmazonGate!…

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  7. Ian says:

    You might want to take a wander over to Roger Pielke Jnr’s blog while you’re at it. More layers of misrepresentation being discussed in relation to the alleged connection between global warming and storms.

    It appears that they’ve been doing some misrepresenting on that issue as well.



  8. jorgekafkazar says:

    A work of genius. Was that Al Goreing standing in the corner?

  9. Wayne Richards says:

    Hey! You’ve forgotten “Thermometergate”, or “The Case of the Dismissed Data”.
    ONE reporting thermometer north of 65 degrees in Canada, at Eureka on Ellesmere Island, right on the sea shore. Yet Canada has more than 100 operating thermometers in the Arctic.
    NO thermometer at all in Bolivia any more. The temperature of this mountain country is now an average of two thermometers a long way away: one in the Amazon; one on the coast of the Pacific.
    SIBERIA: ruthlessly pruned in the north, as the Russkies complained at Copenhagen. Predominantly southern stations reporting now.
    And on, and on, and on. The loss of reporting thermometers in the NOAA and GISS data bases are in the thousands, yet all those deleted weather stations are still chugging along.
    What’s tomorrow’s scandal, do you suppose?

  10. Birdseed Anarchist says:

    Sun’s so hot, they froze to death (over 100 manatees dead in Florida from recent cold wave) Not enough Nuke power plants with hot water discharges to keep them warm. Hey Al, what are we gonna do about this?

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