So Bad (Good) on So Many Levels…

Mike Lester - January 22, 2010


H/T: Confederate Yankee


One Response to So Bad (Good) on So Many Levels…

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    Mike Lester’s Political Cartoon accidentally (I assume) puts the problem into better perspective than even he might have intended: The fact is, it was NEVER Ted Kennedy’s seat in the Senate(despite what it says on the side of his car in the cartoon). It was merely his bloated buttocks that sat in it when he wasn’t out hustling “waitress sandwiches” and otherwise embarassing the voters of Massachusetts. But the seat has always belonged to the people of Massachusetts, as they reminded Martha Coakley on Tuesday.

    How ironic it was, then, for Kennedy’s timely passing to be the key (and Massachusetts voters the keyholders) in defeating that which he longed to stuff down our throats: Bloated Healthcare Reform that was not only destined to ruin our healthcare industry, but also bankrupt the country.

    Ultimately, the voters of Massachusetts showed far more wisdom than the man they sent to the U.S. Senate to represent them for 40+ years. Maybe they were just looking to make the roads safer in Massachusetts all those years.

    “In the final analysis” (as JFK and RFK used to say), it may be that history books will note that Ted Kennedy ultimately died for his country by protecting it from that which he supported.

    Did we really expect much more from “Party-Hearty Ted?”

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