Scott Brown Doesn’t Get It Either

Yeah, great, a “conservative” from MA is going to take “Teddy’s seat”. Everyone, including Charles Krauthammer, thinks that the whole issue with Obama, Pelosi, Reid, et al is that they’re too left of center, blah, blah, blah. So, now a Massachusetts conservative is going to foul up the leftist health care bill and turn DC on its head. Yup, sure looks that way. But I still don’t think that addresses the real problem.

As I see it, the real problem is that we’re in deep, deep fiscal trouble, and all we keep doing is electing smiling, back-slapping politicians instead of leaders. Here’s what really worries me… One way or the other, we have to do something with health care in this country. If we don’t do something radical, the constitution-based, federal republic of the United States of America is doomed. Period.

We need leaders who will tell the bleeping truth at each and every turn, be it health care, or the company they keep. We need someone who will step into the sewer that is Washington and refuse to refer to people like Larry “Foot Tappin’” Craig and John “Flip Flop” Kerry as their “esteemed colleagues”. To borrow from Glenn Beck, we need people who say what they mean, and mean what they say. Until we have leaders like that, the fiscal cataclysm that is health care just keeps building and building and building. As for “conservative” Scott Brown… Here’s what he had to say about John Kerry yesterday

“I’ve always had great respect for Sen. Kerry, always. We have worked together on other issues and we’ll work together on issues on the future…”

Ummm… Yeah. Sounds to me like we have just one more politician in Washington who just doesn’t get it. All we’re looking for is a few honest people, and those are the only people who can face this 100 trillion dollar debt. Instead, we got conservative Scott “Drop Trou” Brown.

Wow… Just wow… Party it up fellow conservatives, because this party isn’t going to last forever.

Alan Speakman


4 Responses to Scott Brown Doesn’t Get It Either

  1. TaxachusettsGirl says:

    Trying not to sound like the Obama-bots when I say this, but…

    Give him time. There are a number of good bills that both Democrats and Republicans worked together on. Let’s see where he stands when it comes to voting and working together towards a common goal…

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    I understand where Alan is coming from. There’s got to be more to Scott Brown than just blocking health care, and I’m sure there is.

    Point by point:
    Don’t hold his Cosmo days against him. We were all young and did foolish things. OK well, I never posed nude for Cosmopolitan, granted. In fact, they offered me $200 to keep my clothes on even when I’m at home. But I did once streak just for the fun of it. I just wish it had been during the streaking craze 40 years ago instead of last week in the supermarket. Gawd, don’t you just love “realeased on personal recognizance?

    Kidding aside, I think Scott is savvy enough to know how important fiscal responsibility is at this point. And he seems to have Mitt Romney as a supporter. If Mitt becomes a mentor, fiscal responsibility will come as part of the package.

    I just hope Scott doesn’t stick his foot in his mouth like he did the other night with the comment about his daughters.

    TaxachusettsGirl, rather than working on any more bills that will COST us money, it’s time for Congress to STOP finding ways of spending and FIND ways of cutting back spending. My prediction? Nothing much is going happen along those lines until we clear out a bunch of democrats in November.

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