Dear Leader Is No Leader in Charity


One might think that a $15,000 donation to charity for victims of Haiti’s earthquakes is a generous response to a terrible tragedy. In general, one might be correct.

In particular, this $15,000 donation came yesterday, more than a week after the 7.0 magnitude quake decimated the small nation. It came from our President and First Lady, out of their personal bank account. And it came for the following reason:

“[T]he Obamas were inspired to give upon seeing the response of millions of Americans who have given generously during tough economic times.” [Link]

Not the day of the earthquake; not the day after, nor the day after that. It was over a week later that the Obamas decided to donate. Not because they realized that the cause was worthy, but because the generosity of the American people was showing them up.

Americans have been giving at what could be a record pace. According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, as of Saturday, $150 million has been donated by Americans.

That’s more than the U.S. government has committed so far…

Not that this lack of generosity is unusual for the Obamas. As the Huffington Post reports:

Up until recent years when their income increased sharply from book revenues and a Senate salary, Obama’s family donated a relatively minor amount of its earnings to charity. From 2000 through 2004, the senator and his wife never gave more than $3,500 a year in charitable donations — about 1 percent of their annual earnings. In 2005, however, that total jumped to $77,315 (4.7 percent of annual earnings), and to $60,307 in 2006 (6.1 percent).

Among those charitable donations, the Obamas listed “a $13,107 contribution to the Congressional Black Caucus as a charity gift”, HuffPo states.

Americans are arguably the most generous people in the world. Whenever there is a need, Americans donate tens and hundreds of millions of dollars almost instantly. Regardless of the economic situation or the state of our bank accounts, we donate whatever we can. Not only in emergencies like Haiti, but also on a regular basis, we donate to food pantries, soup kitchens, orphanages, church outreach efforts. We are Americans. We give.

It is unfortunate, then, that our nation’s leader only gives when it becomes politically expedient.



8 Responses to Dear Leader Is No Leader in Charity

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    Ah! Problem solved! After doing some investigative research, I found that the real problem was that the “Mail Czar” was on vacation and…

  2. Bob Sherunkle says:

    Man, you are a douche of note… how much do YOU give hypocrite?

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      Wow, Ed. The quality of a person (or utter lack thereof) can often be determined easily by the kinds of statements, namecalling and otherwise ignorant pronouncements one makes without having a single fact in front of him. You’re off the charts in this area. And you managed to accomplish this feat in only one line.

      For the record, the writers at Grand Rants comment on verifiable facts. We invite intelligent discussion with those who agree or disagree evenly, asking only that you bring civility and equally verifiable facts to back your position. Based on your comment, it appears you possess none of the above qualities. Thanks for stopping by. Buh-bye.

  3. […] Leader Is No Leader in Charity Source: Grand Rants One might think that a $15,000 donation to charity for victims of Haiti’s earthquakes is a […]

  4. TaxachusettsGirl says:

    I find that one of the worst things about them waiting so long to donate to Haiti relief causes is that not a day or two after was there a commercial with Michelle Obama asking for Americans to open their wallets and give to the cause… You mean, when she filmed that with “such heart and conviction” they hadn’t given yet? What a great actress, not that I’ve ever believed anything that’s come out of either of their mouths…

  5. the other Ken says:

    I think that the problem is endemic to the liberal mindset. Liberals believe that the remedy for most problems should derive from the government or ‘society” while conservatives are far more prone to believe in the ultimate responsibility of the individual and act accordingly.

  6. Tom says:

    Other Ken, you nailed it. T-Girl, you nailed it. Gerry A., you nailed Bob S. Three gold stars, and I’m out.

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