No MA Senate Race in LGF-Land


Conservative, liberal, Democrat, Republican, it really doesn’t matter; pretty much the topic of conversation today is the special election being held in Massachusett(e)s to fill the seat left by the passing of Ted Kennedy. It’s a real barn-burner, it is, what with a stolid, leaden Democrat candidate woefully trailing a vibrant and optimistic Republican front-runner (I know, it’s almost unbelieveable).

Television, newspapers, blogs are all covering the race with either despair or indifference (Democrat party hacks and the MSM) or breathless admiration and excitement (pretty much everyone else). Except one blog. This particular race doesn’t seem to have hit the radar on Little Green Footballs except for one open thread last night. No previous coverage (really! I searched the site for a mention of Coakley, and… nothing!).

Even the Linkviewer, that bastion of interesting posts from around the blogosphere and around the world (and these days, the only reason to visit LGF), doesn’t seem to realize that the first shot of the next American revolution is being fired this very day. The only place you’ll see it mentioned is in LGF’s blog ads. He’ll take revenue from it, but he won’t mention it. Hmmm…

I know, I know, it’s just a snaphot. But it covers eight hours’ worth of readers posting links… Is it possible that Charles has banned all mention of the race? Or his he simply biding his time, awaiting the outcome before he unleashes his mighty pen to opine and lets slip the lizards of war?

Time will tell, of course. But I thought it was interesting that the rest of the country is talking about Brown, Coakley, Massachusett(e)s, and over at LGF Charles Johnson is covering his usual Palin, global warming, and open thread topics. Yes, he’s travelling and unable to post too much. But for even the Linkviewer to be absent any mention of the race is… odd.



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