Why Obama’s Popularity is Falling

In his Jan 15, 2010 op-ed piece, Charles Krauthammer offered his explanation for President Obama’s falling ratings…

The reason for today’s vast discontent, presaged by spontaneous national Tea Party opposition, is not that Obama is too cool or compliant but that he’s too left.

While I think Dr. Krauthammer is right, I believe he missed something. Americans are tired of our elected officials lying to us. We’re sick and tired of promises made in the heat of a campaign only to be casually broken once the office is secured. In Obama’s case, here are just a few examples of his disingenuousness at best, or his premeditated lying at worst:

  • POTUS promised not to sign a bill until folks had five days to read it… Not so with SCHIP:
  • He promised to stop torture, but continues to use rendition:
  • What happened to transparency and C-Span?:
  • Back in April 2009, the White House claimed that Obama was unaware of the Tea Parties… You have got to be kidding.

And as we all know, this is just the tip of the iceberg… Consider the late night meetings, the frequent union boss visits, the bills behind locked doors (jeez, I thought Barack Obama said that the buck stops with him.)

So Dr. Krauthammer, I agree that in principle Obama is too left for America, but we can live with that. But it’s his lack of honesty that’s really galling us.

Alan Speakman


3 Responses to Why Obama’s Popularity is Falling

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