Double Your Coakley, Double Your Support


From the “Things That Make You Say ‘Hmmmm’” Department

Notice the SEIU badge?

Over the past several weeks, I’ve noted that yard signs in my town are running strongly in favor of Scott Brown: in some neighborhoods by seven to one, and in my own little neck of the woods by about four to one.

This week, however, I noticed an outgrowth of Coakley signs springing up around here. I wondered what caused this; did the candidate actually deign to appear down here and shake hands? Did she hold a fund-raiser at the Kennedy Compound in Hyannisport? Are SEIU bravos running amok on Cape Cod, planting “Martha” signs whether folks want ’em or not?

Alas, the truth is far less dramatic, although far more entertaining. It seems that Coakley support here on the Cape has found its level and it ain’t going higher. So what does an enterprising campaign staff do to make it look like their pitiful candidate has twice as many boosters as she actually has?

Why, they “suggest” that each sucker supporter who already has a yard sign displayed simply put a second sign in the yard as well. Voila! Double your support!

So in three instances this week, I’ve seen the following scenario: property line, VOTE FOR MARTHA! sign, driveway, large yard, VOTE FOR MARTHA! sign, property line.

It’s rather effective, too… at first. Lots more Martha signs visible–until you realize that there are two signs in each of the few yards that had one sign before.

Anybody else in Massachusett(e)s notice this “Double Your Martha” phenomenon?



One Response to Double Your Coakley, Double Your Support

  1. TaxachusettsGirl says:

    I have not seen this in my neighborhoods… I’m in the Lowell area, and the only yard signs I’ve seen have been for Scott Brown. In addition, with the near 2 hours of driving I do each day, Scott Brown bumper stickers outnumber Coakley bumper stickers by about 4 – 1. (In fact, I hardly ever see Obama bumper stickers any more)

    I do have to wonder — how many of the people who have 2 Coakley signs have been promised they can vote twice…

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