Martha Coakley: Liar or…

Photo of Martha Coakley witnessing assault on reporter outsid... on Twitpic

Hey, we all know what happened involving Massachusett(e)s Senator-wannabe Martha Coakley (left) and the reporter (John McCormack on sidewalk) who got roughed up by long-time Democratic insider Michael Meehan (standing center)…

As if the shot above doesn’t say it all, read Mr. McCormack’s version of the story and then watch the video. And that by itself is almost understandable – she was being followed by what must have been to her (and her minions) an annoying reporter and someone gave him a shove. To borrow from Howard Cosell, “Down goes McCormack! Down goes McCormack!” Not right, but almost understandable given the political audacity of the Left. (Define “is”.)

But here’s where the insidious part comes in. Look at the photo… Watch the embedded video in the link above… Listen to Meehan’s apology.

Last evening I was a little too aggressive in the confusion of trying to help the Attorney General get to her car and catch a flight.

Given all that, Coakley has the gall to say that, “I didn’t see what happened so I can’t say.”

So, IMHO, here are the possible explanations:

  • Coakley just likes staring at railings
  • Coakley is a moron who doesn’t have a clue as to what is going on around her
  • Our Attorney General will look away when inconvenient assault crosses her path
  • She didn’t want to get involved with a person down
  • She’s a liar

Take your pick. And for those of you in Massachusett(e)s: unless you chose A) above, think long and hard about whether you want this woman as your Senator when you vote next week.

Alan Speakman


4 Responses to Martha Coakley: Liar or…

  1. TaxachusettsGirl says:

    She also claims she’s being stalked and doesn’t want reporters to get in her face…

    Umm, lady, you’re running for office in a very hotly contested campaign. You’re going to have to answer some tough questions from people that aren’t feeding you cake questions, like “moderator” David Gergen did the other night during the debate.

    This entire campaign “run” by her just reeks of that elitist attitude we see in so many of our DC politicians. Meanwhile, here in Massachusetts, they’ve recalled all political ads where she is directly speaking to the viewer. Every ad she has out now is strictly a man’s voice talking about how bad Scott Brown could be.

    I think she’s severely lacking in accountability and she’s using the President’s ignorance excuse here and hoping that any accusations won’t stick…

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    As a colleague, I feel I should caution against warning the voters of Massachusetts about having a candidate who is a liar, a cheat and an opportunist who has the ability to look right at a problem and ignore it.

    Isn’t that how Massachusetts elects most of its politicians?

    Ted Kennedy may be gone, but the Democrats have no shortage of equally character-tainted, ethics-challenged politicians lining up for their turn at the self-service public trough.

    To paraphrase Robert Duval in Apolalypse Now: “Ah, I love the stench of Massachusetts politics in the morning!”

  3. TaxachusettsGirl says:

    So many updates, so little time:

    Martha’s campaign has issued a press release stating that Scott Brown is out of touch with the people in summary because he owns too much property (i.e. he’s too rich)

    And then, this:

    Pollster Rothenberg changes the senate race from “Narrow Advantage to Incumbent” to “TOSS UP”

    Martha’s freaking out… Our Dear Leader has now released an email/web video in support of C(hoke)ley. We know how well Obama’s support did for John Corzine in the NJ Governor race…

  4. TaxachusettsGirl says:

    Yet another update:

    Suffolk University/7 News poll shows Scott Brown LEADS Coakley 50 – 46 (though the 4 points is within the margin of error)

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