America Rises, Part 1

With absolutely no apologies to Maya Angelou.

You may write us off as teabaggers
While you laugh and roll your eyes,
Try to buy us off with bribery
But still and proud, we’ll rise.

Yes, you’d like to see us broken.
Kneeling to a nanny state.
But we stand on our accomplishments.
We are all the things you hate.

Does our independence vex you?
Well, you take it awfully hard!
Once you fooled too many peope
Who are now alert, on guard.

So we’ll bid adieu to those who
Disregard our voices clear
And we’ll vote you out of office
In November of this year.

Out of the web of deceit and of debt
We rise
Up to a future that’s savable yet
We rise
We are a continent, noble and wide,
Growing in grace as we stand side by side.
Leaving behind all the liberal whines
We rise
We seek out leaders whose honesty shines
We rise
Bearing the gifts that our forefathers gave,
WE are the land of the free and the brave.

We rise

We rise



See also America Rises, Part 2.


2 Responses to America Rises, Part 1

  1. […] Rises, Part 2 As a follow-up to my previous post, this is a terrific video to watch. I hope the entire Congress is quaking in their boots right […]

  2. XXXO MIA says:

    mia gon be going crazy on that new track xxxo! The lyrics is hard but tha clip ain’t dat great.

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