From the “What Took You So Long?” Department

It’s about time those almost mythological “moderate Muslims” put in an appearance, isn’t it?

Clearly these are Muslims who don’t want to rock the boat too much… It was only when an Islamic terrorist attempted to blow up a plane over their backyards that a handful of them sprang quietly into action. Very very quietly.

If Islam truly is a peaceful religion (as we hear so often), if only a tiny fraction of Muslims are terrorists (as so many insist), where are all these moderates, and why don’t they speak up with one voice and denounce these terror attacks? Why does it take an attempted attack over the largest Muslim community in the country for a few Muslims to softly voice their polite disapproval of the hijacking of their religion?

Is it possible that we all already know why, and are just afraid to voice the correct answer? You tell me.



3 Responses to From the “What Took You So Long?” Department

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    I’m afraid the answer isn’t as cut and dry as one might like it to be. Yes, they’ve been silent for too long. But those of us who are, for example, Christians need to ask ourselves where were we when the Nazis were slaughtering Jews? As I recall, this nation chose not to get involved, even when a ship containing Jewish refugees arrived just off our shores. They were turned away, and had nowhere to go but back to Europe to await their fate.

    We didn’t want to get involved. We acted shamefully and in our own interest. Sound familiar?

    It wasn’t until we were attacked by Japan that we finally entered World War II. When we did, we (along with a coalition of troops from other countries) saved Western Europe and (for awhile, anyway) were considered heroes.

    The Islamic community has chosen a somewhat similar path in some ways. They chose not to get involved (although I’m sure there were many Muslims who died in the World Trade Center). Now, they realize that there is no safety in silence. Only shame.

    But they had a legitimate fear of their own. If you knew there were radicals within your own community who might kill you and your family for taking a stand against them, would we do any less? Do you really think American civilians today have that kind of backbone? Sadly, I would have to say no (although, after Obama, it may be that we’re finally developing one).

    Rather than chastise these Muslims (albeit, perhaps deservedly) for waiting so long to find their spine, maybe we should support their efforts now and encourage all Muslims around the country (and world) do follow the lead of these Muslims. The radicals are cowards who can only sucker-punch their victims. They are spineless bastards. Maybe if the Muslim world builds a coalition amongst themselves that says to the radicals “You no longer have a place to hide. We will ALSO hunt you down.” Then they will have fewer and fewer places to hide at least in Western Countries.

    I think this is a bold move, however late it is in coming. I welcome their action and ask that they expand this new stand, as a culture, world-wide.

    We were late to the party in WWII. But when we showed up, we got the job done. Perhaps this is one time where history repeating itself could be a good thing.

  2. Mike Wurlitzer says:

    Gerry, nice “rules for radicals” debate tactic by diverting the discussion to something else. Try to stay on topic.

    Your reference of Christians and Nazis is bogus. Were Christians calling for the beheading of Jews? No and you know it.

    Islam should NEVER be treated as a valid religion any more than the KKK should.

    A belief system that DEMANDS killing or enslaving those who do not submit is a HATE cult not a religion.

    A belief system that DEMANDS the killing of any who leave the cult is a HATE cult and not a religion.

    A belief system so flawed and sinister that it has to call for the killing on someone who writes a book or draws a cartoon is a HATE cult and not a religion.

    Is-Slime should not receive 2nd Amendment protection anymore than the KKK.

  3. Gerry Ashley says:


    You need to do your homework before you come to this table expecting to be taken seriously.

    First, I am on topic. You apparently don’t like someone speaking in defense of the Muslim community. That’s your issue. That said, you need a lot more factual information than what you think you have. Here it is:

    1.) Your reference to the KKK is completely off-mark (and you suggested I stay on-topic?). They are nothing more than a 100% hate group based on Race and Religious prejudices. Islam is far from that.

    2.) Islam is a valid religion whether you recognize it or not. It’s been around since the first century millennium and actually has a number of parallels with Christianity. There are over 1.5 BILLION Muslims world-wide. That makes them the second largest (and, according to some, the fastest growing) religion in the world. For you to suggest they “should never be treated as a valid religion” only displays your lack of knowledge. Note: I am merely acknowledging them as a valid religion. I am not “siding” with them, however, as I find most organized religions dangerously flawed.

    3.) The VAST majority of Muslims ARE peace-loving people. It’s just that (like most religions) there is a radical faction who see jihad as their only solution to those who do not agree with them and willing to submit to the Islamic teachings (that’s a gross generalization, but it will have to do for now). If you’d like more information, check the Internet or a bonefide Encyclopedia. There are numerous sources available to learn more. What Stoutcat was ranting about was how conservative Muslims have been slow to stand up against the radical sect of their religion. And Stoutcat is RIGHT. Where have they been until now? My comments were suggesting reasons they had been silent… cowardice. But even cowards can only hide for so long before they defend themselves, or stand up for what is right. My point was, “Better late than never.”

    4.) You write: “A belief system that DEMANDS killing or enslaving those who do not submit is a HATE cult not a religion” (and you followed with two additional condemnations).

    Well, congratulations! You just described a small minority of most religions! lWould you like to use Christians as an example? You can find bible passages that justify killing of innocent and defenseless. Do a little research on “Hard Passages” and Gnostic Christians. THEN tell me if you want to banish ALL Christians for the acts and mindsets of a few. Bingo.

    5.) You write: “Is-Slime should not receive 2nd Amendment protection anymore than the KKK.”

    Again, you said I should stay On-Topic? When did this topic become about the second amendment?

    Regardless, the mere fact that you felt it necessary to impugn and ridicule an entire religion based on the actions of one small sect once again shows your lack of knowledge which, based on your other comments, is probably due to a predisposition towards prejudicial stereotyping. With that mindset, few people will take your comments seriously.

    There’s nothing more to add there; I’ll simply let your words speak for themselves. And you.

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