Obama, Congress Dems: “Screw Transparency!”

C-Span’s Call For Broadcasting Final Health Care Hearings Now Moot.

As reported on “The Hill,” House and Senate Democrats have agreed (at President Obama’s request) to forego the bicameral conference committee to merge the two healthcare bills into one for final signing by the President.

This all but renders moot the request by C-Span for President Obama to allow the conference to be televised for the benefit of the American public. So much for transparency. In bypassing the bicameral conference, that essentially eliminates the opportunity for Republicans  to have any input to the process of blending the two pieces of legislation into one or to raise any other issues about either version. 

Perhaps worst of all, this virtually strips the process down to the point where we no longer have a representational form of government. So much for Democracy. 

It may be legal, but it certainly should raise eyebrows from an ethics perspective. According to unnamed aides, an agreement to bypass the committee was reached during a Tuesday evening meeting at the White House between President Obama, Vice President Biden and the top two Democrats from each chamber.Once again, the meeting was held at night and behind closed doors to the public.

So much for the last shred of credibility of Barack  Obama who touted in one of his first news conferences as President nearly a year ago:  “Transparency will be the cornerstone of this administration.”

Yeah, and trust me: I’ll still respect you in the morning.

According to aides, the decision to scrap the conference committee was made to eliminate any possibility of Republicans employing procedural delay tactics. This political maneuvering may result in what the Democrats and President are looking for: A passable bill with the least opportunity for bi-partisan involvement.

It is also exactly the opposite of the song and dance performed by Obama during the primaries and the presidential campaign.  And, not that they give a damn, it goes against the position made clear consistantly by the majority of Americans. 

Source: Rasmussen Polls

Rasmussen polls have shown consistency in regards to a majority of  Americans being against the changes to our country’s health care system.

If ever there was a time for the American public to band together in their objection to passage of healthcare reform, this is it. If it passes, America will no longer have the healthcare system that is the envy of people from all over the world.

While Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama will be celebrating what they undoubtedly will refer to as a great step forward, we will, in fact, be lowering our standards for all, adding a crushing debt to our already teetering economy and, in all likelihood, sentencing older Americans to a system that will turn away from them when they need it the most.   

My personal commentary on this is very simple: THIS is the time to step up and demand accountability from those we send to Washington to represent OUR interests. THIS is the time to let your Congressmen and Women that this healthcare reform is  UNACCEPTABLE and you demand that the will of the people (as indicated in the polls above) be heard and respected.   

We have reached nothing less than a watershed moment in America’s existence.  How it plays out will be determined by the actions “We, The People” take at this moment.  Speak up now, or kiss our health system goodbye.   

Dodd and Dorgan may have taken the coward’s way out of facing the wrath of their constituents, but there are many more facing their own political mortality this November. Let them know what’s in store for them if they disrespect our wishes. Do it now.     

Gerry Ashley


5 Responses to Obama, Congress Dems: “Screw Transparency!”

  1. Ed McNiff says:

    I feel like I should apologize to everyone. I voted for Obama and now I realize I was fooled. A friend of mine told me about grand rants and I cant thank you enough for what you do. You opened my eyes and helped me see the truth. I just wish I could go back and change my vote, cause it kills me to think that I’m part of the reason he’s in office. Ican’t help but wonder what he’s gonna do next. Is there any way to stop him from completely ruining this country or is it too late?

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      Ed, thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll join the regulars here. Don’t feel too badly, Obama fooled a lot of people. If you have friends who were also fooled by “The One” invite them to join you in educating yourself whether it’s on our blog or others that bare the ugly truth about Obama.

      Again, thanks for joining us and for the nice comments.

  2. Doug says:

    We will have an election in 2010, and elections still have consequences.

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      Doug, I can’t give you the page number at the moment, but one of the things Obama and those who developed the Health Care code did was to put clauses in there that stipulate that once enacted, cannot be repealed. This is undoubtedly an attempt by Obama to prevent us from being able to undo the mess he creates here simply by taking back the majority role in Congress. Personally, I think that is unconstitutional, and I hope SOMEONE in Congress picks up on it and challenges the legality and constitutionality of it all the way to the Supreme Court BEFORE it’s allowed to be voted on… ANOTHER reason Obama wants to ram this garbage through in the middle of the night with NO transparency whatsoever.

      The only thing transparent about Obama is his motives.

      I pray someone with Constitutional law has time to read the bill and file an injunction to prevent it from being voted on until the constitutionality of it can be established.

      • TaxachusettsGirl says:

        I was under the impression that a number of GOP Senators are challenging the constitutionality of the bill, but I could be wrong…

        What they are doing is disgusting and disgraceful, but it’s come to be what we expect from this very unethical administration and Congressional “leadership”… I live in fear of what may be to come before the 2010 election cycle.

        I’m hopeful that Massachusetts can rise up and elect Scott Brown to the Senate in the special election on January 19th. I know I’ll be voting for him… Maybe then we can stop this crap that’s being served to us…

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