That Was The Year That Sucked – 2009 Edition

Happy New Year to all our friends at Grand Rants!

2009 was definitely a year of political turmoil… just think of what the past 12 months has given us (Click on links for more details from previous rants during 2009):

  • Pork-infested Stimulus package rammed down our throats while we were sleeping and while Obamanauts were still celebrating “Hope and Change”
  • Multiple World-Wide Apology Tours by “The One”
  • “Transparancy” Hypocrisy
  • Obamacare
  • Cap & Trade’s first attempt (fortunately shelved, but due to come up again this year)
  • Spiraling Out-Of-Control Debt that, by itself, could doom the government
  • Van Jones debacle
  • Sucking Up to Hugo Chavez (only to have Chavez come back to bite “The One” at the Global Warming Conference
  • Michelle Obama’s record-setting number of personal assistants (creating more jobs than the President?)
  • Unconscionable delays in responding to brutality in Iran
  • Unconscionable delays in responding to request for more troops  in Afghanistan
  • A Tax Cheater (Tim Gaitner) Heading The US Treasury?
  • Protocol embarrassments (gifts of state, bowing, patting the Queen on the back, etc.)
  • Safe School Czar Kevin Jennings Link To Teaching Perverted Sexual Behavior To School Children As Young As 1st Graders
  • Reid, Pelosi and (Barney) Frank
  • Nobel Prize for no apparent accomplishment
  • Celebrity wannabees crashing a White House party
  • Janet Napolitano (Homeland Security) claiming “The System Worked” after multiple failures enabled a terrorist to attempt to blow up a full airliner over Detroit.
  • Yet more unconscionable delays in responding to yet more brutality in Iran

The list of hypocrisy and embarrassments from this administration continues…

But this is New Year’s Day.  Time for a break from the “Bleakness of Barack.” We all need a day away from “The Drama That’s Obama.”

We have a whole new year of embarassment and fear of losing our democracy ahead of us. But today, it’s time to relax…

So we wish you all a happy, safe, and prosperous 2010. May we all survive the Obama Administration for another year.

Gerry Ashley


13 Responses to That Was The Year That Sucked – 2009 Edition

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  2. […] That Was The Year That Sucked – 2009 Edition « Grand Rants […]

  3. […] That Was The Year That Sucked – 2009 Edition « Grand Rants […]

  4. […] That Was The Year That Sucked – 2009 Edition « Grand Rants […]

  5. […] That Was The Year That Sucked – 2009 Edition « Grand Rants […]

  6. […] That Was The Year That Sucked – 2009 Edition « Grand Rants […]

  7. […] That Was The Year That Sucked – 2009 Edition « Grand Rants […]

  8. […] That Was The Year That Sucked – 2009 Edition « Grand Rants […]

  9. […] That Was The Year That Sucked – 2009 Edition « Grand Rants […]

  10. Ben Wieder says:

    Gerry, first it was great meeting you today. The blog is great, very well written. In response to this post, I think you overlooked several important initiatives that didn’t “suck”. First, we officially proved that America can be color blind in inagurarating our first African American president. A huge step forward. Next, there were several important laws inacted that cross the political divide. Equal pay act, child healthcare, credit card reform, nuclear proliferation reform, veteran healthcare reform, and a robust 2010 national defense budget. Not to mention the stimulus bill, while admitedly slow to enact visible signs of recovery like bridges and schools, it has saved hundreds of thousands of local and state government jobs by helping municipalities which were effectively broke due to the credit crunch. Actually, with all of the scary hypotheticals out there, I think you’ll see that in Year One, there hasn’t been any legistlation passed that dramatically alters the political climate towards the left. Rest assured our two party system prevents the dramatic change you’re afraid of. Rather, we’ll continue to see incremental, common sense reform of broken systems.

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      Hi Ben,

      Nice to meet you too, and I’m glad you accepted my invitation.

      May I respond point by point? Note: I pull no punches in defense of my position, and I invite you to do the same.

      You write:
      “First, we officially proved that America can be color blind in inagurarating our first African American president.”

      That is a step forward, but if the person of color running is someone who does more harm than good to the country, the end gain is a net loss. I feel strongly that is the case with Barack Obama. I’ll attempt to cover the reasons for my position as I respond to you here.

      Obama ran a sterling campaign when it comes to knowing what the voters wanted to hear. However, in fact, look at the sampling of people that he has surrounded himself with since being elected. I’ll give details of a few in a separate response as it ran too long in my original reply. As you review the information (relocated to my response to your next reply), remember these were his choices and his choices alone. This tells you a lot about Obama: Either he sucks at selecting quality people or he knows about their background and just doesn’t care, so long as they advance his agenda.

      Also note that those people he surrounded himself with were done in a very undemocratic manner, by calling them Czars… essentially creating a position paid with federal dollars, yet not created or sanctioned by Congress and, more important, not vetted by them. He later changed his tune and said he didn’t call them Czars but merely “Advisors” (and the difference is?).

      Yet he has placed the responsibility of helping him shape the future of the country in their unvetted hands. I listed examples in my original response here, but it became far too long to expect you to read it. I’ll do that in a separate reply later. I want to hit some of your other points here as well.

      As to the statement of how nice it was that America showed it could be colorblind when electing a non-white candidate… I too am glad that point has been established. And, based on what the public really knew about the man behind the speeches, it didn’t surprise me at all. But I think America’s conversion to being colorblind was proven when Obama won the nomination. Even then, I hate to say it, but only part of America became colorblind.

      That said, however, If the Mainstream Media had done ANY vetting of Obama, I think he would have been defeated. But they remained silent about his background and refused to even ask any pointed questions compared to the way they absolutely SHREDED Sarah Palin. While Obama got away without being quesitoned (by the Mainstream Media) about his 20 year relationship with his church’s pastor the devout racist Reverand Jerimiah Wright, they absolutely smeared Sarah Palin over her wardrobe.


      They let Obama slide on so many things, perhaps afraid they’d be labled racist if they said anything negative about “The One.”

      That brings up my second point.

      Let me ask you a point-blank question: Did McCain and Palin introduce racism to the election? No. Did Barack Obama? Absolutely. It was Obama himself who injected Race into the campaign by telling people (referring to Republicans) “We know what kind of campaign they’re going to run,” Obama told supporters. “They’re going to try to make you afraid. They’re going to try to make you afraid of me. They’re gonna say, ‘You know what? He’s young, he’s inexperienced and he’s got a funny name. And did I mention he’s black?’” Incidentally, the audio of that quote is available on youtube. It’s not something someone heard from someone who heard it from…

      If anyone doesn’t see that as projecting a racism into the campaign, they simply have their eyes closed.

      Know this: I don’t do political correctness. It is nothing more than a way to legitimize lies. And the truth here is that everything Martin Luther King talked about in regards to “seeing the day when a man is no longer judged by the color of his skin, but the content of his character” was betrayed in this election. And Obama is shrewed enough to have played to that theme by planting his prediction of racism against Republicans when, in fact, it was HE who introduced racism to the campaign. And his “You can put lipstick on a pig” comment, aimed at Sarah Palin introduced sexism. Can you even imagine what the mainstream media would have said if it were a conservative candidate referring to a liberal female candidate?

      I’ve personally heard a number of African Americans say they voted for Obama BECAUSE he was black because they felt that he would best relate to their agenda. IF that’s truly the case, then they weren’t living up to Martin Luther King’s dream. They voted for a man, based on the color of his skin and nothing more. What percentage of the black community this represents is anyone’s guess.

      While I’m sure there are those who voted AGAINST him for the same reason, we did still elect him, and that speaks volumes that it wasn’t the color of his skin that got him elected. It was his promises of hope and change. So have we really become colorblind? I don’t think all of us have gotten the message. Far from it.

      Ben, I feel all we have proven is that we will still vote for ANYBODY who is as adept at campaigning as Obama. That’s how Bill Clinton and George Bush got elected and it’s how Obama did. And eventually, we regretted those decisions too.

      Until Americans really take the time to STUDY the candidates and until the Mainstream Media does its job of vetting BOTH candidates to help those voters too lazy to do the work themselves to see behind the hype, we will continue to vote for what amounts to what we believe to be “The Lesser Of Two Weasels.”

      We continue to reap what we sow in the voter’s booth of ignorance.

      You write: “there were several important laws inacted that cross the political divide. Equal pay act, child healthcare, credit card reform, nuclear proliferation reform, veteran healthcare reform, and a robust 2010 national defense budget. Not to mention the stimulus bill…”

      Can you please cite the specific legislation you refer to? As far as the child healthcare act is concerned, it’s a rediculous law designed at little more than taxing tobacco growers out of existence. It’s tobacco users who are paying the tab for that legislation. There was a 700% increase in the tax on tobacco products such as cigars (I happen to be a cigar smoker). I don’t mind paying my share of taxes, but here’s the irony:

      The tax is bound to cause many people to give up smoking altogether. While that makes for a healthier population, the taxes collected will dwindle as the tax base (smokers) grows smaller… THEN who’s going to foot the bill?

      Besides, kids are already going to be covered under the Universal Health Care when THAT is passed.

      Obama had little impact on the passage of the defense bill. By that, I mean his hands were pretty much tied. He HAD to support that or bring home the troops now. And he knew that would be impossible.

      As for VA Healthcare reform, the credit for that goes to Rep. Bob Filner of California, a Democrat. Kudos to him. Obama happened to be sitting in the Oval office at the time of the signing. He had no part in the development of that legislation. And if a Democratic Representative couldn’t get that kind of legislation passed with a Congress consisting of both houses having a majority, that would have been a shocker, especially for legislation designed to assist our military. Again, Obama merely happened to benefit from being President at the time of the passage. That’s not exactly a sterling example of his leadership. But you are correct: it was a good event this past year. My point of “This was the year that sucked” was in regards to Obama’s activities, the majority of which had to do with his appointments and THEIR agendas.

      As for the stimulus bill. I’m sure we could have saved jobs at the local and state levels without passing the largest pork-riddled bill in American History that instantly added over a trillion dollars in debt (over time). The bill is a financial FIASCO. A boondoggle in which congressmen from both parties inserted pork projects like it was an unlimited shopping spree at a toy store on Christmas morning.

      Finally, you write:
      “I think you’ll see that in Year One, there hasn’t been any legistlation passed that dramatically alters the political climate towards the left. Rest assured our two party system prevents the dramatic change you’re afraid of. Rather, we’ll continue to see incremental, common sense reform of broken systems.”

      I could not disagree with you more. The passage of Health Care Reform completely blows away your argument. This bill will likely be the item that pushes us over the edge of the cliff, economically speaking, as it ramps up. It won’t cover many of the people who NEED health care, plus it will cause many small companies to hire less people.

      Worst of all, it takes 1/6th of our economy and puts it in the hands of the Government. When has THAT ever worked out?

      FInally, you think the two party system will prevent the dramatic change we’re afraid of? Too late. The Health Care bill ended that chance. This year, watch what happens if and when we’re unable to stop Cap and Trade, based on an absolute hoax, but bound to be the final nail in the coffin of free enterprise and our economy.

      The two party system didn’t work in our favor all that much this past year. It might NEXT year if we clean out some dead wood in both parties and get back to a point where the Democrats don’t occupy the White House AND both houses of Congress.

      Ben, I hope I haven’t scared you off. We welcome opposing views, especially when they are documented. It’s not about trying to prove anyone wrong, but merely documenting how we came to our individual conclusions. It’s then up to our readers to form their own opinion, hopefully based on the documentation both sides provide. Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you both at the dog park and here on Grand Rants.

  11. Ben Wieder says:

    One more thing: You may call it sucking up, or pandering, but the United States made more friends than enemies in 2009, and that cannot be a bad thing in the long run.

    • Gerry Ashley says:


      Just what new friends has Barack Obama made? Hugo Chavez? Guess again. After his little hand-shake and acceptance of a book from Chavez that outlined how horrible America has been, Chavez proceded to ridicule Obama to Castro. And at the Global Warming conference/farce several weeks ago, he literally cut Obama to pieces.

      Who else do we now have as new friends since Obama took office? I’d be curious to know.

      Also, Here is my list of examples of the people Obama surrounded himself with since being elected. It was too long in the original reply, so I edited it out and have placed it here:

      The hands of people like:

      Van Jones, a self-declared communist. Forunately his agenda was exposed and he was forced to resign his post (Green Jobs Czar). Click here to read a rant that exposed his radical and communist background. And just because he’s “resigned,” don’t think for a moment his input to Obama’s decision making process has been eliminated.

      Kevin Jennings, who has given his tacit approval to a recommended reading list for school children consisting of sexual materials that are completely inappropriate to be presented to children without their parent’s approval… in fact, without their knowledge. Jennings is the LAST person who should hold the title of “Safe School Czar.” And ANYONE WITH YOUNG CHILDREN should read this link and this link to educate themselves as to WHY he should be removed. It has nothing to do with being homosexual. It has EVERYTHING to do with having an agenda to mandate exposure to homosexuality at an early age, regardless of the parent’s stand on the issue. Worse, it has to do with exposing children to vile sexual acts (by both gay and heterosexual couples) long before they are mature enough to handle even normal sexual behavior. I maintain it should remain the PARENT’S decision as to when their children should be taught about sexual behavior and to determine the syllabus to be used. If I had a child in the public school system, I would be up in arms about him and demand his removal.

      Turbo-Tax Tim Geithner… a self-admitted tax cheat who now runs our U.S. Treasury (which, ironically, oversees the IRS). A NUMBER of other appointees had to withdraw when it was found they too were tax cheaters or had some other black marks on their backgrounds that Obama either didn’t take the time to properly vet (that Congress WOULD have discovered), or worse, turned his head the other way as long as they helped to further his agenda.

      Janet Napoltano, an absolute buffoon (who proved once and for all that George Bush wasn’t the worst President when it came to choosing people as cabinet members), to run Homeland Security. Who will ever forget how, in response to the Christmas Day attempt to blow up a jetliner over Detroit, responded by saying (direct quote), “…[O]ne thing I’d like to point out is that the system worked.”

      Really, Janet? Exactly what part of the system worked? It was up to a passenger to disarm the terrorist. from the Washington Post (December 27, 2009):

      “Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, was added to a catch-all terrorism-related database when his father, a Nigerian banker, reported concerns about his son’s “radicalization and associations” to the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria, a senior administration official said. Abdulmutallab was not placed on any watch list for flights into the United States, however, because there was “insufficient derogatory information available” to include him, another administration official said.”

      He boarded a plane with a ONE-WAY ticket from Nigeria to Detroit, with NO CHECKED BAGGAGE. Nobody thought that was unusual?

      How’s that system working for you, Janet?

      Forced to eat her words (by reality), she changed her tune to, “It’s all Bush’s fault!” (perhaps the number one defense used by the Obama administration whenever something goes wrong). Click here to see how she attempts to spin this into the Bush column…

      Then there’s Mark Lloyd, President Obama’s diversity Czar at the FCC. Why don’t we just call it what it is? The censorship Czar? He’s crafting new FCC laws that would do an end-run around the Constitution by placing a levy on any radio station airing conservative talk shows but not liberal talk shows. The plan to do this would be to levy a tax on the station owners in the amouht of 100% of their annual operating budget for the express purpose of funding other stations to have liberal talk shows. That’s not freedom of speech. That’s the exact opposite with a side order of destroying the free market system, That is essentially the same as taxing Publix Supermarket their entire annual budget for stores in areas where there’s no Winn-Dixie so that Winn-Dixie can open p a competing store. Not with MY tax dollars, thank you. That’s Socialism pure and simple and I will not support ANY President of ANY color who tries to cram that down my throat. I documented and wrote about Obama & Lloyd’s plans back in November. Click here for details.

      As to racism, how about Obama’s selection for the Supreme Court? Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s comment that she felt a wise Latino woman would always make a better decsion than a white male? Talk about generalizing about an entire race… Can you imagine the outrage if a white person made the same comment about Hispanics? It’s high time Americans learned and acknowledged that racism is a two-way street.

      And just how wise is this Latino woman? Let’s look at the evidence: The U.S. Surpreme Court overturned 4 of the 5 decisions of hers that were referred to them through the appeals process. Really now… a 20% confirmation rate by the Supreme Court? Say, here’s a way to improve those numbers: Put her ON the Supreme Court! Mmm-mmm-mmm…

      I could go on, but I would encourage you to read more here on Grand Rants about whatever topic you think the President has something in the plus column.

      We have a search box on the right side of the screen just about level with the Rant title. You can use that to find the posts.

      Thanks again.

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