Dems To Plunge The Knife Deeper Into Economy

A word of advice to the economy from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, Barney Frank and all the rest of the democrats in Congress: 

“Just stop breathing, will you?” 

Nancy Pelosi (D) CA

If the economy would just die, already,  maybe the Democrats would STOP wasting any more time trying to kill it. On second thought, naw… like a serial killer, they simply enjoy plunging the knife into the victim too much. 

OK, enough of the Glenn Beck-type theatrics. The point is, Democrats in Congress are preparing to raise the federal borrowing limit by nearly $2 trillion.  You remember what a trillion dollars is, don’t you? Alan Speakman summed it up nicely in a rant not long ago. Click here to fully comprehend what a trillion dollars is, and then realize the Democrats want to raise the ceiling (or deepen the pit) by double that amount.     


 “Nothing to see here, folks… keep moving please. Nothing to see here…”  At least that’s what they’re hoping you’ll think. 

Barney Frank (D) MA

 Make no mistake: This is another nail in the coffin of our economy. It’s another nail in your children’s future. And your children’s children.

This will most likely be another “Let’s slip this through  in the middle of the night” deals. Maybe they can lock out the Republicans from any debate again like they did with the health care bill. No point in having those negative nabobs of negativism putting a downer on the party, eh? 

 According to Fox News: 

Congress is poised to lift the federal borrowing limit by as much as $1.8 trillion before the end of this year, a number large enough to avoid revisiting the matter next year when Democrats will have to defend their majority in midterm elections. 

Harry Reid, (D) NV

Translation: They’re attempting to pull the wool over our eyes by being able to tell us, “See? We’re not fiscally irresponsible!  We were 2 trillion away from our borrowing limit at the last election and we’re STILL 2 trillion under our limit. And yet, we’ve managed to bring you health care reform…” 

The truth had best smack you in the face as hard as the Democrat’s arrogance:  

The Treasury is nearing the current debt ceiling of $12.1 trillion, and Congress must authorize raising the amount the United States can borrow to avoid the country going into default to its creditors. 

You can read the entire article here

Let’s humanize this: Imagine, you were about to lose your home to foreclosure because the bank had a clause buried deep in your mortgage that stipulates the bank can raise the interest level (and, therefore, your monthly payments) an absurd amount. Imagine now that they did that. So that affordable monthly mortgage payment of $1,200 will now cost you $1,900.  

Suppose now, you realize, “I can’t afford that $1,900 per month,” but know you could borrow enough money to make the payments. On the surface, life would look fine. Your family is able to stay in the home, you’re employed full-time. To others, you appear to be living the dream. But YOU know that beneath the facade, your finances are  a ticking time bomb. You just hope the kids will be grown and off on their own before your credit house of cards comes crashing down. 

Now you have some idea of what the Democratic Congress is about to do.  Except there’s a couple of small details:  

  •  It’s YOU they are obligating for the additional trillions of dollars. Because when it comes to indebtedness, we are the government.
  • We are already committed to unsustainable debt.
  • These Congressmen don’t give a rat’s ass who the overblown spending hurts. They just don’t want to have to raise the borrowing limit in the light of day or during a re-election year.
  • In fact, one would have to wonder how many of these public servants have already set up their off-shore retirement, knowing exactly what their irresponsible spending is going to result in.

Keep this in mind. It’s your money. If this doesn’t make you mad, you’re not awake. But you’d better awaken fast. Ask any serial killer: It’s always easier to plunge the knife into a sleeping victim.    

Gerry Ashley


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