Reid Digs Deep, Achieves New Low In Class

Harry Reid

If class were cash, Harry Reid, the personification of the Peter Principle at work in the Senate, would be as deeply in debt as he and his ilk have put the United States government (i.e., the American taxpayer).

In his latest political regurgitation, he is comparing those of us who oppose this health care reform bill to supporters of slavery. Never mind that it was the Republican Party that was founded as the anti-slavery party back in the 1850s. Never mind that it was a democrat (Strom Thurman) who failed in his attempt to filibuster the Civil Rights bill of 1957  and it was actually the Republicans who led the fight in support of the bill.  Note: Thurman would later (1964) cross over the aisle to the Republican side.

Side note: Since my high school days, I’ve been criticized for writing run-on sentences. Well, folks, prepare for the crowning achievement of a life dedicated to the fine art of the run-on sentence, as I attempt to put this into some perspective:

Harry Reid, the cowardly traitor who had the audacity to stand in the hall of the United States Senate and announce “The war in Iraq is lost”  (bringing aid and comfort to the enemy) while our young men and women were winning the surge…

(let me catch my breath)

… the same Harry Reid who  is part of the Congress that has enslaved our children and grandchildren as debtors to foreign powers for the next century (if we’re lucky it will only be that long) due to the  “tax and spend”  spree that has tripled the deficit since Obama has taken office…

(one more breath and I think we’re there)

… now points his finger at those of us who are smart enough to see what his ignorance misses (the unsustainable debt he’s imposing) and is accusing us as being the ones supporting slavery.

Wow, Harry.  You just never learn, do you? The government reforming health care is like asking the fox to reform hen house security. And I’m pretty sure the chance of success is about the same.  And if this bill becomes law, it will without doubt push the United States economy beyond the point of no return.

More on that in an upcoming rant.

Gerry Ashley


2 Responses to Reid Digs Deep, Achieves New Low In Class

  1. John Zeravca says:

    I have been reading Grand Rants recently and have found it to be some of the most intelligent and thought provoking material I have found on the internet in a very long time. Kudos!!

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    Thank you so much, John.

    Stoutcat, Alan and I take our work here seriously, so it’s nice to get that kind of feedback. We have a great respect for each other and I personally credit both Alan and Stoutcat for pushing me to do this blog. These are interesting (and scary) times we live in. As such we’re researching everything to the 9th degree (since we an no longer depend on the MainStream Medua to do anything like that. So starting the blog just seemed natural.

    Again, I appreciate your comments and will pass them along to Alan and Stoutcat. Please tell your friends about us! 😉

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