Monday Morning Bad Pun


Folks, I know we have serious things to worry about, but that can wait. We’ll be posting more of real life a bit later. Let’s get this huge groan out of the way early in the week. No need to thank me.


Link: Pearls Before Swine


6 Responses to Monday Morning Bad Pun

  1. jjr153 says:

    Pearls is known for bad puns, especially in the Sunday comic. But one of the best TV shows for bad puns was “Rocky and Bullwinkle.” At the end of each episode the title of the next episode was announced. One time when searching for a jewel encrusted model boat owned by a sheik, both Rocky and Bullwinkle would not commit to giving the title of the next episode leaving it to the anonymous narrator. “The Ruby Yacht of Omar Khyam” way too sophisticated for a six year old like myself at the time, but extremely punny in later life. I’m now 55.

    • Stoutcat says:

      Holy cow, I actually remember that one! And I always hear stuff like that with William Conrad’s voice…

      And I’m not 55 yet, but it’s coming all too soon!

  2. Tony Shelton says:

    Dang it, Stoutcat! Now I can’t get that stupid song out of head!!

  3. Gerry Ashley says:

    One of my favorite cartoon shows “back in the day,” was “Beany & Cecil, The Seasick Sea Serpent.” It was a Bob Clampett cartoon.

    Beany was a little boy with a propeller beany (hence the name, obviously). Cecil was, as his name implies, a green sea serpent who was one big benelovent monster who took Beany on adventures. They had a friend named Captain HuffnPuff who was captain of a boat called The Leakin’ Lena (how is it I remember this crap, but I can’t recall what I had for dinner last night?).

    One of the best puns I heard on that program was when Beany & Cecil invited Captain HuffnPuff to join them for supper in the local harbor.

    HuffnPuff smiled as he opened up the centerfold of an unidentified magazine and said (hopefully going over the heads of the kids in the audience)…

    Scroll down a bit…

    Yes, he really said this:

    “You fellows go ahead and Dina Shore. I’ve got a swell dish right here!”

    Hopefully that went right over the kid’s heads… and Dina Shore’s fans too.

    • Stoutcat says:

      Gerry, Beany and Cecil was one of my favorites! As I recall, the bad guy was named Dishonest John. My sister got a stuffed Cecil the Sea Serpent animal for Christmas one year. It became the dog’s favorite toy.

      Y’all are scaring me now.

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