From Inside the Asylum, The Inmates Are Running the Nation


It’s the only thing that could explain the insane craziness going on. Hotair reports:

For the first time ever, the Environmental Protection Agency has declared a naturally-occurring substance in the air a danger to human health.  Carbon dioxide, which has existed as a major component of Earth’s atmosphere for billions of years — and which is necessary for plant growth — is now a declared pollutant.  The determination gives the EPA wide-ranging authority over the operations of energy production and manufacturing…

Clearly, there’s only one solution:


H/T: Watts Up With That


4 Responses to From Inside the Asylum, The Inmates Are Running the Nation

  1. B. Johnson says:

    Given that the federal Constitution is silent about environmental protection (corrections welcome), the 10th A. automatically reserves government power to regulate such issues to the states, IMO, not the Oval Office and Congress.

    In fact, if Congress wanted to make laws to protect the environment, Article V requires Congress to propose an appropriate amendment to the states. The states would then have the choice to either ratify the amendment, surrendering their powers to protect the environment to Congress, or to not ratify it, in which case the federal government remains powerless to regulate such issues.

    The bottom line is that the states have the constitutional standing to ignore everything the EPA tells them to do, IMO. The EPA is just another example of corrupt Congress blatantly ignoring it’s very limited constitutional authority.

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  3. Gerry Ashley says:

    I can see the future now: When a couple has a child, the EPA will be there to certify the child as a source of pollution. When the parents go to pick up the baby, there will be a certificate of pollution indicating what level of Carbon Dioxide and other waste material is permitted.

    And when it’s time to change the baby’s diapers, will the EPA send someone over to see if the baby’s emission controls are within the proper tolerances? If the child emots toxins above a certain level, the parents will be required to purchase “Carbon Poopy Credits.”

    Quick!! Forget about buying Gold, folks! Invest NOW in Carbon Poopy Credits!

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