Beware The Pendulum…

… It Swings Both Ways

A scant 12 months ago, Barack (“It’s ok to use my middle name, now that I’m elected”) Hussein Obama was basking in the glow of a victory in the Presidential election. He had a mandate (or so he thought) and announced that he was about to “fundamentally change America.” Crowds cheered. Women fainted. The sick grew well again. The afflicted healed.  A warm  tingling ran up Chris Matthews’ legs while a warm trickle of drool ran down Keith Olbermann’s chin. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers even won a couple of football games. “The Chosen One” had arrived. At least in the minds of his supporters.

But as the weeks turned into months, and Obama’s dreams turned into nightmares, a huge portion of the American public woke to the reality: “The One” had lied to them. He’d had them in his spell but the spell was wearing off to the reality of what his intentions really are for this country:

  • A strong-arm push towards socialism
  • Chicago-style thug politics
  • Key positions in an adminstration that promised to keep lobbyists out, filled by lobbyists
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars spent on the pork projects he promised to prevent
  • A Democratic congress that literally locked out all Republicans from any participation in key legislative meetings (after Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had promised “the most ethical, honest and accountable Congress in History”
  • An attempt to hijack the country’s Census so Obama could reapportioned the political map in his favor, compliments of ACORN
  • Traveling world-wide to apologize to our enemies and insult our allies
  • Embarrassing errors in protocol

Barack Almighty whined about the trillion dollar deficit left behind by the Bush administration (when the truth is, much of that debt was incurred by a Democratic Congress, but hey, what do the facts have to do with anything where Obama is concerned?)  Then, Obama took that trillion dollar deficit and tripled it.  He gave us assurances the unemployment rate would not go above 8.5% if we would only support his pork-stuffed stimulus package that he didn’t have time to share with us via the Internet (as he had promised).

 Obama’s approval ratings went down faster than Keith Olbermann’s viewership, until the ratings could be located just below the potato peelings in the dumpster.  We all know how the story goes… but do we know how the story ends?

It would behoove talk radio show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Mark Levin not to spend too much time patting themselves on the back. The same goes for all of us. The pendulum has swung back mighty fast to the conservative side since Obama took office… or has it? Perhaps it wasn’t swinging so much toward us as it was away from Obama’s regime. There’s a difference and we had better be aware of it. Here’s why:

There’s another year before the 2010 elections. A lot can happen in a year. Just ask President “Hope & Change.”

Now is not the time to sit back and celebrate anything. The fight goes on daily and you’d better believe a dog fights hardest when he’s cornered. And that’s precisely the position Congress and the President are in right now. We must not let up:

  1. The Universal Health Care bill (no matter what they call it), is now being discussed in the Senate. If it passes, it will only hasten the collapse of this country financially. If that happens, well, I suggest you  read carefully the rant below this one entitled Point:Counterpoint:Repoint, Part 1
  2. If you cannot commit to being part of the plan to save America’s Democracy, you’ve already enslaved yourself and yielded the right-of-way to Socialism and all its false promises. Don’t wait to discover for yourself the grand scam that is socialism.

Once again, an old adage has a contemporary application: “Now  is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” Perhaps another way to look at it: “Now is the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of their country… to ensure there will BE a country you can be proud to pass on to your children and grandchildren.”

It won’t happen automatically. And don’t think for a moment that the liberals don’t have an equally enthusiastic group of supporters who have been organized by professionals to counter our efforts and diminish our chances of taking back what’s left of America.

“Beware the pendulum… It swings both ways.”

Gerry Ashley


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