Man Overboard? Glenn Beck’s 100 Year Plan

There’s an old saying I just made up: “Don’t judge the message by the messenger. Judge the message on its actual content.” 

When I first heard that saying (about two minutes ago), it came to me as I was watching the youtube videos of Glenn Beck’s rally last week-end held at “The Villages” here in Florida. 

I had intended on driving up to see him in person, but a prior committment kept me from doing so. However, one of the principals of our local 912 Group was there and thoughtfully taped Glenn’s speech in its entirety. I present it to you in segments below.

Before watching, however, please allow me to make a couple of points:

Beck’s Flair For Theatrics

Upon first viewing, it would be easy to compare the theatrics of Beck’s presentations to any number of egocentric “look at ME!” performers, so full of themselves you simply want to run screaming in the other direction.

Only when you know Beck’s “back story” does one understand that what you’re  actually watching is a man who has been to the gates of hell and clawed his way back.

It may be difficult to get it at first, but what you are seeing is not so much theatrics, but the true, “my right hand to God” passion of a man who looked at death (by his own doing) in the face before experiencing his own personal  epiphany. That epiphany gave him the strength to say, “No! There’s   something better in store for me. Let that journey be my journey of choice.”   Understand, this man speaks his heart straight from the hip… and his shirt sleeve.

I wanted to ask Glenn one simple question (and if I get the chance, I will): “Glenn, if you had not plummeted to the depths you did, do you think you would have found the courage, the strength and the clarity of vision needed to get to where you are now?” Because, make no mistake folks. Beck puts his life on the line every day. When he uncovers corruption, he exposes it. When he knows who is behind some nefarious abuse of power, he names names. Not because he is trying to be a big shot, but because he has been to hell and back and he knows, there is right and there is wrong. And if you don’t have the guts to stand up against what’s wrong, those who stand up for wrong will always win.

The Wrong People Are Winning Because We Let Them

The wrong people have been “winning” in this country for too long. But, it’s primarily because those of us who know what’s right have been too comfortable in our barcaloungers and designer fashions to stand up and confront them. We didn’t want to spill our lattes. We’ve been more concerned with political correctness than the truth.

We’ve been lazy and we’ve been cowards.

Beck Has A Plan – And It’s Huge

 Beck has a plan to turn this ship called America around. And you’d better listen up, folks, because that ship is currently bashing into an iceberg. I’ll let Beck complete that metaphor in the video.

But here’s the bottom line: Within the next couple of years, our character as individuals as well as a society will be tested at the same level as those who got us through WWII and the great depression.   Maybe even more harshly.

My prediction as of the moment? As a nation, we don’t have the character to make it through the approaching  fire.

As a nation, we traded our character for creature comforts. We left honor at the entrance to our office buildings in exchange for “whatever it takes to win” in business. Worst of all, we left the greatest part of “family” at the door in exchange for the self-pleasures of big screen TVs, PCs where our children find it easier to communicate with strangers than their own parents; a dinner table that’s used more for setting things on other than food since we don’t really eat together that much any more.

We left the art of parenting at the day care center so we can have the double income  to pay for the bigger house and the mini-van, not to mention week-ends at the spa (“Oh, it’s so gooood to get away from the kids, isn’t it honey?”). 

No, we don’t all live that way, but there’s something in that scenario above that most people can relate to… if they’re honest.  And look at where it’s gotten us. We didn’t have to sacrifice being “the right people” in order to get here. But we did it anyway, because it made it so much  easier if we didn’t have to hold ourselves accountable.

And that’s precisely the kind of society that spawns the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Harry Reid and, yes, Barack Obama:  When WE THE PEOPLE decide to let others rule us, then rule us they will.  THAT’S how we got to where we are today. We gave the politicians the opportunity to abuse their powers and they did so. Why does that surprise any of us?

Is Beck’s Plan Doomed To Failure?

Beck has a plan. But it’s destined for failure unless we are all willing to commit to doing the right thing with our lives. Before we can demand excellence from our politicians, we have to commit to excellence in ourselves.

But here’s the challenge facing us: Beck discovered the importance of character when standing at the gates of Hell.  But we’re not there. We’re in our SUVs on our way to pick up Chinese take-out for dinner. We’re at the gym working out to maintain our buff bodies instead of taking that time to be with our kids. The kids are at the mall-cineplex doing heaven knows what.  

How, then, do we discover the need to fundamentally change our own behavior if we are drunk with comfort? We’re achieving our goals, but they’re the wrong goals!

Beck’s hell was the result of alcohol and drug abuse. Ours is going to be from throwing away all that God has given us that is good: Family. Honor. Faith. Commitment. Dedication to doing the right thing all the time. It’s hard to commit to good when you’re so comfortable in your “comfort zone.”  But like it or not, that comfort zone we all have is about to shift with the American paradigm.

Good News – Bad News

Beck’s plan can work. There is light at the end of the tunnel. The bad news? We have to dig the tunnel.  It will take commitment, dedication, honor, and faith to make the journey, but if we are willing to provide all of that, then Ronald Reagan was right: “America’s finest days are yet to come.” But only – and I stress this – only if we are willing to commit to a long-term re-building of our society and ourselves. And yes… it could take one hundred years to truly reach that goal. But oh, what a better ride it’s gonna be on the way there.

Here’s Glenn to tell you more about it:

If you made it this far, congratulations. You get it. And you care. Now… get going. Get out of your comfort zone and get involved. Get your house in order.  Or get ready to lose it altogether. There’s not going to be any choice in the matter. If you choose anything but the honorable path, you may wind up at your own personal gates of hell. The choice is yours. And the time to decide is now.

Gerry Ashley


11 Responses to Man Overboard? Glenn Beck’s 100 Year Plan

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  2. Wayne says:

    Beck is a Faketriot like Bob Basso.

    Beck was for the bailouts and the Patriot Act.

    Support Judge Napolotano as new leader of the 9.12.

  3. Catherine says:

    Glenn is a charlatan. Period. He reminds me of one of those traveling Baptist preachers who is screwing around on his wife back home.

    His blather creates a lot of froth, the kind that led to the Nazi Party formation in Germany in the 1930s. Fortunately, there are enough of us around to ignore the rantings and fumings and weepings of people like Limbaugh and his spawn Beck.

    Did you ever see the movie NETWORK? (1976, I think, Faye Dunaway) There is a guy in that movie that reminds me of the kind of cable and “hate” journalism we have today: the “mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more” guy. Well, he ended up shooting himself on his network television program (if I remember it correctly)…”from my cold, dead hands”.

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      I’m sorry, was there a point here (I mean other than you are able to type on a blog without an iota of factual material to back up your epithets or, for that matter, your entire premise)?

      You have no actual datum to establish your premise. You offer nothing more than the Garofalo mentality that If we’re not lockstep with the Obama administration, then we’re “Charlatans.”

      Well, at least it’s a step up from “Teabagging rednecks.”

      Sadly, however, like Janeane Garofalo, You offers nothing other than a cheap shot insult. Is that all you’ve got?

      But here’s the really SAD part: In my opinion, you show signs of what I call profound detachment from reality (PDFR) syndrome. I mean, you actually believe it is Glenn Beck’s “blather” that is akin to what led to the Nazi Party in Germany… when right before your eyes, the administration YOU support is closer to that very danger than ANY administration in the history of this country.

      Think about it: Obama is surrounded by hand-picked advisers who are
      . Avowed communists (Van Jones who was forced out after being exposed)
      . Extreme radicals (including Obama himself) who turn to the teachings of an anarchist (Sol Alinsky) whose books teach people how to cause anarchy and overthrow the government.
      . A White House communicatins director (Anita Dumb Dunn) who publically stated that Mao Tse Tung was one of her favorite philosophers. She will be leaving town at the end of the month, undoubtedly with Obama shaking his head in wonder how she could have been so stupid as to expose herself like that…

      But according to you, Catherine, Beck is the dangerous one? The carefully researched free speech of NO MAN has ever endangered our society, when that man has the data to back it up. And Beck backs up everything he says with actual, verifiable data. Not assumptions, not heresay and not speculation, which is all you offer in comparison.


      Obama also has selected
      . Kevin Jennings as his school Czar. Jennings, who has openly stated one of his inspirations in the gay community was Harry Hay a devout supporter of the pedophile organization NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association). You can read about him here:

      Yet BECK is the one who is a danger to our society? Wow.

      I can continue down the list of Obama’s “advisors” that clearly establish a radical approach to governing this country that would IN REALITY take this country down the road to the kind of government Catherine accuses BECK of creating. But why not let Glenn Beck provide that information (which has been verified at any number of sites).


      Stop by again sometime, Catherine, when you’ve got something to shoot besides blanks. We’ll talk then.

  4. Catherine says:

    Thank you for what you just did in regards to my other post that I requested you remove. Privacy is important to me as is free speech! (I have one very public and well-traveled blog and one private one that I use more as a journal and sometimes I forget how I am logged in or linked.)

    As for debate, I don’t really wish to engage, more just to say that I wish more people could see both sides of the aisle rather than hurling fire balls. I’m an Independent voter, more moderate than liberal (how do you describe a fiscal conservative and a social liberal? Is there such a party?), and consider myself objective as most things go.

    And I didn’t drink any KoolAid. I just voted for Obama because I had a wee glimmer (or is that dram?) that he would help turn things around. I was also disenfranchised, as were many others, by the entire GOP and 8 years under GW. Washington needs a wake up call, that’s for certain but I don’t know if Glenn Beck is the right one to lead the charge.

    My grandmother was in Nazi Germany as an American student teaching English/traveling in the early 1930s. She always described the time she was in a small room of young college age people listening to Hitler speak. She said she could feel the anger and upset but also how he worked the crowd with his theatrics and rhetoric. Many people were fooled into believing that he was in the right and my only concern for this country is that too many people are putting their convictions into the wrong, misguided people. And that includes Beck, Limbaugh or whomever. Too many people who can not form their own opinions are listening to their rhetoric: others are using it as their sword and shield (and I’m not even going to get into the religious right and how they have affected this country).

    I don’t think Obama is necessarily the problem right now. He is wading through a variety of circumstances both inherited and created. It is a quagmire that would daunt any leader. As for health care, no easy fix. Same with Afghanistan (although I’d like to see us OUT of there: history has proven it is not a country that will be fixed).

    And yeah, I’m discouraged by the whole deal.

    Thank you.


  5. Gerry Ashley says:

    Hi Catherine,

    Thank-you for coming back and elaborating. If I may, I’d like to address a couple of comments in your reply.

    You write:
    “I wish more people could see both sides of the aisle rather than hurling fire balls. I’m an Independent voter, more moderate than liberal (how do you describe a fiscal conservative and a social liberal? Is there such a party?), and consider myself objective as most things go.”

    You nail the problem at the start, but you’re hitting the wrong nail: The problem is that, for the most part its Obama’s HARD CORE followers who refuse to look at both sides if the aisle *to use your imagery). But those who are rejecting Obama now are, to a large degree, many of the same people who voted for him! That’s why his popularity has fallen so far. People who believed his campaign speeches then kept their minds OPEN quickly caught on to the lies and deceit that was used simply to gather our votes. He KNEW people were tired with the “Status Quo” of the GW Bush administration and he played right to that audience with his smile and his promises. Sadly, enough people BOUGHT IT to win the election. That’s what I meant by people drinking Koolaid. His list of promises kept is a short one. His list of promises broken (I.E. once he was in office, his real agenda turned out to be different), that’s a list that’s a whole lot longer. They didn’t do their homework, Many of us did and knew he was giving us a big does of political BS.

    We have been vindicated so many times since then that the only ones who DON’T get it are the Obama supporters who simply refuse to look at the facts on both sides of the aisle.

    Then there’s Congress: Where do I begin with this? How about Nancy Pelosi’s pledge that this would be the most honest, ethical Congress in the history of the country? Then they lock out the Republicans from the discussion phase of the Health Care legislative process… and have the audacity to say THEY (the democrats) are the ones taking the high road and that the Republicans are playing partisan politics?? How SHAMEFUL is that?

    The reason the Republican party is splintered is because they HAVE looked at issues from both sides and have come up with differences of opinions with one another on what should be done.

    The Obamanites are happy to use disgusting euphemisms like “teabaggers” to describe those of us who are against Obama’s radical policies and his frequent occurrences of doing exactly the opposite of what he said he would do (see examples above).

    I’m sorry, Catherine, but the ones who are most guilty of the shortcomings you describe are the liberals, and NOT the conservatives.

    And you still have offered nothing ro support your premise that Beck is a charlatan.


  6. Catherine says:

    I state opinion based on definition of the term. Charlatan = fraud. Glenn Beck is a fraud.

    You want citations. Well, I am not the only one who has expressed this opinion (from a quick Google search of “Charlatan Glenn Beck” the following fruits):

    I know of many people in the GOP who feel their party is being held hostage by Beck and Limbaugh. They are well paid entertainers and pot-stirrers. The kind of person everyone has in their own family of origin but can’t shut up or can’t challenge because their temperament is to bully and rage or carry on as victims. Never productive and always dysfunctional.


    • Stoutcat says:

      Hi Catherine, I’ll jump in here and add my 2¢.

      From your references and link to a link to a link that reports the Joe Scarborough once called Glenn Beck a charlatan: well, I didn’t see any actual quote or video to prove your assertion, but even if it’s true that Joe did call Beck a charlatan, so what? Just because Scarborough called him a name, that makes it true? Fact is, Beck was far outstripping Scarborough in ratings back when he was on CNN, and he’s still kicking the crap out of all of MSNBC’s line-up now that he’s on Fox. So maybe a bit of jealousy on the part of Scarborough, hmmm? Can you actually give links to anything that proves Beck is a charlatan, other than the possibility of a competitor simply calling him a name?

      As far as the Gawker clip, clearly that is a clip of a man woozy on medication… Also, rather than just look at a clip, why not read the whole story of what Beck himself has to say about his experience, here. If you actually read that, you might come to the conclusion, as I did that there is absolutely nothing inconsistent between what he posted then and his current stance on the pending healthcare legislation.

      Regardless, thanks for coming back and trying to defend your position. If you’ve got any real ammo, we’ll be glad to see it.

  7. Catherine says:

    Well, how about Beck himself calling himself a clown? I realize it was in response to others calling him that but at least he knows how to call it.

    “Charlatan” is a subjective term. Clearly you don’t grasp that “proof” does not need to be obtained for that declaration. That others have postured it, also, is comforting as I am not the only one who observes that in this man.

    To be honest, I could see him selling used cars just as easily as I can on television. Same with Rush.

    • Gerry Ashley says:


      There is nothing subjective about the word “Charlatan.” It has a clear definition: “a person who pretends to more knowledge or skill than he or she possesses; quack.”

      That said, all we are asking you to do here is to offer/cite a specific example of your allegation. We’ve asked numerous times, yet you continue to avoid doing so. Anyone can make any allegation they want. But to have any credibility, one must be able to back it up with fact. Not merely “Well there’s a lot of people besides me that feel this way.” That dog just won’t hunt in the real world. Or on Grand Rants.

      As I have stated and as Stoutcast has stated, if you’ve got any real factual examples to offer, let’s have them. Otherwise, you come off looking like just another name-caller, with no game whatsoever. So let me be head on with you: WHAT FACT(s) CAN YOU GIVE US TO SUPPORT YOUR ALLEGATION THAT GLENN BECK IS A CHARLATAN?
      Answer: You have nothing. How do I know? Two reasons come to mind.
      One: if you really HAD an example, you wouldn’t be dancing around the issue.
      Two: It’s really a trick question – Beck doesn’t claim ANY superior knowledge or credentials. In fact, he’s one of the first people to admit he’s just a guy who is concerned about what’s going on. He sees the lies and researches the available facts until he uncovers the truth and then shares it with people.

      Just as we at Grand Rants research everything we write about, so does Beck. The problem is when people (on both sides of the aisle) make declarative and demonstrative statements which are based on nothing more than their personal prejudice or opinion with no research to sustain their position.

      THOSE are the charlatans, Catherine. Their declarative statements imply knowledge they really don’t have. And, to be honest, until you offer some proof to back up your statement, guess which column you fit best into?

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