A Civil Tongue, Son of

This is exactly what I was referring to yesterday. It ran in prime time, during the family hour of 8p.m. to 9p.m.

Keith Olbermann plays the part of the sniggering seventh-grader. Notice how Mr. Olbermann can barely control his smirk throughout, even as he tries to pretend that he’s having a grown-up discussion about the etymology of the word with his guest, Richard Wolff. Giving the lie to that pretense, Mr. Wolff, at the 4:04 minute mark, says, “…just to be serious for a moment…”

Olbermann gleefully worked the word into the conversation 16 times, while his guest managed to avoid saying it even once. The words “teabag”, “teabagger”, and “teabagging” appeared on the screen almost constantly.

Also note Olbermann’s pride in having brought the term to the forefront, and his modesty in asserting that it was only “with a little help from us” that the designation became popular, implying that clueless protesters embraced the term on their own. Yet in the clips he shows in the background, it is clearly  MSNBC that is doing the labelling. In fact, it’s not until after the 6:00 minute mark (out of a 6 1/2 minute clip) that they even show an image of a protester with actual tea-bags.

Watch it if you can stand it.

I’m so tired of people who can’t bring anything substantive to a discussion, and so resort to — not just name-calling, but name-calling of a particularly vile nature.

Folks, either show a little class, or shut up.


H/T: Hotair


7 Responses to A Civil Tongue, Son of

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  2. KansasGirl says:

    I’m starting the feel pity for this person. I’m wondering if he needs to “up” his meds.

  3. Doug says:

    The teabagger label was applied by the left. The tea party movement called themselves the tea party movement.

    I like the way Olberman worked in a few Palin jabs. If the economy continues to tank the whole us of a will be “teabagging” and Olberman’s ratings will fall even further behind the shows the left loves to hate.

  4. I just coined the phrase Oberfool

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      Hey, wait a minute, James… I think you’ve tapped into something grand…

      The German prefix “Uber” usually stand for “Superb” or “Master” as in “Uber-cook”

      Ober… Uber… Pretty close. Pretty, pretty,pretty close. With that in mind, I suggest that just for fun, we come up with some “Ober”words to define the incredible Stubris of the man so vain he probably has a picture autographed to himself, hanging on his wall.

      Doesn’t that make him an


      I’m sure our readers can come up with some better ones.


  5. Josie says:

    I simply couldn’t watch all of that ‘stuff!’
    He is such an Ubera$$!

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