The Simple Power Of “Now”

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.”
Babatunde Olatunji

Sunday morning, for many, is  a time of reflection. Some of us do it in a house of worship, others choose to do so off on their own.

For me, it’s a private time between me and my creator… I take stock in what’s been happening, where the world is going, and me in particular. What have I contributed that is positive? Negative? Is there something I need to fix around the house? Around my Karma? And do I have the tools to accomplish either task?

But every now and then, it’s time to pack up all those things that make one’s hair turn grey. Either I figure that out eventually, or my dog Cooper uses his cold, wet nose to remind me of the simple power of “Now.”

Cooper 01And so now it’s off to a local dog park where he runs and plays with his canine friends while I simply watch. Sometimes, the dogs allow me to interact with them. It’s a gift I graciously accept.  The stress relief is amazing and the message starts to come to me: With all the stress in the world that needs attention and fixing lest we destroy our precious civilization, there still lies within us a need to simply enjoy the “now.” After all… Isn’t it the “now” we’re trying to save? Not just in the world, but in all of us?

And so, when Cooper is done playing with his friends. I’ll often load him back up into the car and take him to a large county park nearby that has trails going through the wilds. We’ll walk for awhile and we’ll both take in the beauty of nature as my soul gathers energy for the coming week.

I can’t speak for Cooper, but when we return home, refreshed, I think we both realize the importance of simply enjoying the “now.”

“Now” is where we make decisions. “Now” is where we remember. “Now” is where we live. And “now” is where all of our answers can be found.

There’s so much that we can do, but only if we understand the simple power of  “Now.”

I think it can best be put like this…

Now… Go and enjoy your now!

With thanks and appreciation to Dave Carroll.

Note: For more Grand Rants articles on Dave (including all three of his “United Breaks Guitars” videos), just type “Dave Carroll” in the “Search” box which is to the right of the title line of this article. 

Gerry Ashley

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3 Responses to The Simple Power Of “Now”

  1. Hastak Shah says:

    I liked reading it, even the Bodhisattva one. It made me feel good, and to see more people thinking alike me.. 🙂

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      The trick is in finding the way to let people discover for themselves the simplicity of some solutions. Not every large problem requires a large answer. I find that as I get older, it’s the simplest things from which I derive the greatest pleasure.

      That said, there are complex problems facing mankind as we all know. The solutions will be complex, but only because WE make them that way.

      Sometimes I feel that we’re living in an era that will later be used to demonstrate how NOT to do things rather than how to accomplish them. How to destroy opportunity rather than nourish it. How to squander freedom rather than using the gift responsibly.

      Each time I watch this video, tears well up in my eyes the moment I see the photo of the small child as Dave Carroll sings, “Cause now’s all there is, so peaceful and still…” It’s such a defining moment in the parent child relationship. As a friend of mine says, “For the child, that’s when the magic happens…”

      I think the same can be said for the parent.

      Thanks for your comment..

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