Obama’s Dilemma: Afghanistan

It’s no great secret that President Obama is in hopelessly over his head. The man has never worked a “punch the clock” nine-to-five job in his life. He was just a junior senator when America rapturously tried once again to cleanse itself of its original sin of slavery and ushered him into office. It didn’t hurt that Barack and the MSM had the ultimate villains in the evil George W. Bush and Darth Cheney.

Nope. Forget about an academic who didn’t even know to how to appropriately interact with Prime Minister Gordon Brown; who has thrown the gay movement under the bus; who would associate with virtually anyone (including people like Ayers and Wright) to gain power; who to this day refuses to admit the painfully obvious fact that the surge in Iraq worked; who has turned his back on the Iranians yearning to be free from a government hell bent on destroying both Israel and the U.S. Forget all that and so much more. Because of a weird juxtaposition of left-wing political, media, and social influences, the Chosen One can virtually do no wrong… Except in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is Obama’s dilemma. During his campaign, Barack relentlessly hammered Bush on fighting the “wrong war in Iraq”. He hounded Dubya on his failure to focus on Afghanistan and “get” Osama Bin Laden. As POTUS-to-be he promised to get our troops out of Iraq, and put them where they needed to be — Afghanistan. One tiny problem for President Obama, however: Bush chose his war wisely and from the heart. Captain Teleprompter chose his politically. Whereas GWB picked a bloodthirsty and vicious regime with a track record for WMDs and terrorism but an even older history of a well-educated middle class and a taste for representational government, Obama instead opted for the political anti-Bush – supporting a war with a war-like country whose only real claim to fame is that Somalia is worse.

So here sits Barack Obama… Caught between the Scylla of his politics and rhetoric on the one hand, and the Charybdis of the facts on the other. Faced with the awful truth that while America may wince and look the other way when it comes to racist reverends and moronic comments from Mrs. Obama, we will not turn away from torn American flesh. We’ll fester over ACORN, Van Jones, and Anita Dunn, but what we will not tolerate is politics when it comes to Afghanistan.

Here’s the deal, and I think we all know it including President Obama: Afghanistan is a decades-long war, and it will no doubt spill over into Pakistan. There are three choices here, two reasons behind those choices, and one excuse.

The first choice for the POTUS is to follow the advice of his generals (McChrystal et al) and pour troops into the fray; that’s certainly a respectable option. Who knows if it will work, but at least it’s decisive.

The second choice is to stand pat (or stand down) as ambassador Eikenberry has suggested. Given the corruption, drug smuggling, war lords, etc., etc., etc., this option has beaucoup merit too.

But it’s the last choice/excuse that is the most defining for President Obama. If he continues to waffle, if he lets Afghanistan agonizingly wither on the vine, if he chooses to blame all this woe on the “ill-prepared groundwork” laid out by the previous administration, he will have proven himself to be nothing more than a Chicago hack – a pathetic, dim, hollow, stuffed-shirt, power-mongering shill who will trade American blood, security, and values for make-do polls because that’s the best he can do.

Afghanistan is Obama’s defining moment, and presents an almost Shakespearian dilemma.

Alan Speakman

4 Responses to Obama’s Dilemma: Afghanistan

  1. Rod says:

    Sad reality is that America is in another man’s territory beating people there. And Barrack Obama, is given no choice, must continue doing what has become traditional very American.

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      That might be your reality Rod but, with all due respect, your words sound like the tyical cliches used by liberals who dare not define the complete facts lest they be held accountable for the truth of the matter.

      Don’t get me wrong… we absolutely WELCOME opposing views in the spirit of meaningful discussion that promotes an honest exchange of views, based on fact, not heresay. That said, what, SPECIFICALLY do you refer to as being “Traditional very American?” Caution: Before you answer that, take heed: It would behoove you to come to the table prepared with FACTS to back up any and all accusations of America…not merely pop-culture “Rolling Stone” opinion.

    • Doug says:

      Barack ran on a platform of fighting and winning the war in Afghanistan.

      What has become traditional American is fighting tyranny. If you are not living under socialism or a dictatorship, you are welcome.

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