Who To Kill First: Grandma Or Convicted Murderers?

If  the Senate passes Healthcare Reform, will elderly patients be given the same appeals process as convicted murderers?

The execution of Beltway Sniper John Allen Muhammed on Tuesday brought to mind a disturbing thought that should trouble anyone regardless of your position on the death penalty. It exposes yet another absurdity of Barack Obama’s Healthcare Reform. 

Staci Jazvac

Staci Lynn Jazvac

In Raiford, Florida, 47 year-old Michael Rivera sits on death row, convicted of the murder of 11 year-old Staci Jazvac in a suburb of Ft. Lauderdale… in 1986. At the time, I was working with John Walsh  (now host of “America’s Most Wanted”) at the Adam Walsh Child Resource Center.  Staci lived about a mile from me. I became close friends with Staci’s mom as we assisted her through the search, recovery and after-effects of this tragedy. Rivera was convicted the following year. It left an impression that still haunts me today.

Twenty-three years have passed and Rivera is still sitting on death row.

According to a 2004 report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, it costs an average of $22,650 per prisoner, nationally, to maintain our prison systems (the report is available on-line at the above link).

Allowing for the fact that the figures in 1986 were undoubtedly lower, it’s still safe to say, Michael Rivera has been housed and fed for nearly a quarter of a century at the cost of about a half-million dollars of taxpayers money alone. Never mind the fact that Staci’s family never got to see her grow up, but have to deal with the fact that her killer has been able to live on. Rivera has his own web page where he solicits money for his various  appeals and even advertised on a social page, looking to get married… all at our expense, of course. 

Now, add to the above, that if the Healthcare Reform Bill passes in the Senate (the House of Representatives already passed it in the still of the night last week-end), it will mean that strict cost cutting measures will need to be enforced, left up to panels consisting of bureaucrats who, contrary to the lies of the Obama administration, will decide who gets care and who doesn’t. Liberals object when we refer to these review boards as “Death Panels” but, in point of fact, that’s exactly what they will be, at times.

Only the naive would believe otherwise, but the cold hard facts are that there will be people in their senior years who will be told, “Sorry, but you’re too old to get a liver transplant. You no longer contribute to Society. You eat up precious resources that could be used to save younger members of our society that have many years to contribute. You’ve had a long life compared to them, so we’ll have to decline your request.” 

It may not be those exact words, but the sentiment will be the same.

We have our priorities seriously skewed when we can spend a half million dollars to warehouse a convicted murderer for 23 years, yet we have to tell senior citizens who may well have never broken a law in their lives they are being sentenced to a hasty “death by healthcare denial.”

Welcome to the world of “Change You Can Die With,” courtesy of our Democratic Congress and, your host, “Mmm-Mmm-Mmm, Barack Hussein Obama.”

Gerry Ashley


9 Responses to Who To Kill First: Grandma Or Convicted Murderers?

  1. A. Blackwood says:

    Health insurance companies decide who receives treatment and who doesn’t, who gets covered and who doesn’t, who lives and who dies on a daily basis etc., ALREADY. There is denial of coverage for preexisting conditions, there are caps on dollar amounts and if an individual is in an HMO, there is limited choice in treatment options. To suggest that this isn’t already happening is absurd.

    The real crisis in America is not health care but education. The lack of critical thinking skills combined with intellectual curiosity has created an environment that allows for the spread of propaganda disguised as “information”. This blog post is a good example. The subtle linking of President Obama to the sniper John Allen Muhammed by use of the President’s middle name only amps up the biased rhetoric and fosters an atmosphere of hate.

    The United States needs health care reform. Infant mortality rate statistics say it all. The United States ranks 33 behind the likes of Cuba,Slovenia and Singapore.If you look at the WHO’s health statistics the United States is failing. We are rapidly moving toward a third-world country in terms of health care, employment and infrastructure and yet vast numbers of the population refuse to admit it.Health care reform is only the beginning of the changes we need to make.

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    Thank you for your comment sir or ma’am.

    Get a cuppa joe, folks, this response to this reply is going to be lengthy by necessity. The Obamanites are upon us.

    Sir or ma’am: We welcome opposing views from those who disagree with our positions and are willing to provide an honest presentation of facts without using the Obama administration techniques of trying to “smear” by insinuation… which is exactly what you have done. You and I both know it. I simply wish to make sure our readers know how to read it when they come across it.

    This “spin-smear” technique is typical of the Obama administration and their followers. Rahm Emanuel is an expert at it. You are not.

    For the benefit of our readers, here’s how “spin-smear” works: You go on the offensive, accusing others of what you, yourself are guilty of.

    In this case, the writer is the one who fantisizes that I have made an attempt to link President Obama to the shooter through (using his/her absurd logic and words), “the subtle linking of President Obama to the sniper John Allen Muhammed by use of the President’s middle name.” Bullcrap!

    That is his or her attempt to make ME to appear to propaganize this topic. Sadly, it’s the reader who’s shallow attempt is as obvious as a zit on the nose of a homecoming queen.

    Other responses to the attempt to sell his/her agenda (comments directed to the writer of the reply):

    In case you are still clinging to hope that the American public is the same as the American public Obama fooled during the campaign, let me make it abundantly clear: WE NOTICED when Barack Obama insisted his middle name NOT be used during his campaign. Then, when he got elected, suddenly it became important TO use it. So apparently, when HE uses it, it’s fine. He’s just being proud of his ancestry, right? So don’t even SUGGEST a person automatically has a hidden agenda to link him to extremists simply because I choose to use his entire name in MY article. MY agenda doesn’t need to be hidden.

    A large segment of the American population has finally caught on to the real issue here: The Obama administration and a those who support it cannot stand the truth of their goals being exposed. They foolishly cling to pathetic attempts to spin THEIR sins into being viewed as the sins of those they would slander.

    This kind of cheap-shot posting may fool some people, but it doesn’t cut the mustard with intelligent folks like our readers. It just shows how desperate Obama’s followers have become when they have to resort to such measures.

    That said, let me at least reply to some of your attempts at making points…

    1.) Yes, healthcare reform IS needed in this country. But not nationalizing it like the post office, AMTRACK, Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security. Look at how each one has been handled since being run by the government. NOT ONE OF THEM IS PROFITABLE OR EVEN CLOSE TO BREAKING EVEN.

    And now, you expect us to rush to support giving the HEALTHCARE system – which is the envy of the world – over to the government so they can run it? Our Health Care System represents approximately 1/6th of our economy. Given how the government has made a shambles of soclial security, AmTrack, Medicair and Medicaid, only FOOLS or Socialists (that’s actually being redundant), could POSSIBLY see government seizing control of the healcare industry as a logical move.

    2.) The Democratic Leadership made the decision to LOCK OUT OF THE DISCUSSION MEETINGS ALL REPUBLICANS. Never, in my life have I heard of such a thing in a democratic government. Union. The moment the Democrats did that, it reminded me of how things were done in the old Soviet Union. No thanks. That’s not a trip I wish to make. I’ve been there and I’ve seen how government run programs lead to mismanagement, corruption, loss of pride and lack of incentive to do quality work. Here, it would lead to eventual chaos rather than the quality health care we can currently get in this county.


    3.) Once again, Obama shows his cards when he makes it clear that he will not allow Torte Reform to be part of the legislation. The consumer should be allowed to sue for REAL damages that can be proven to be due to bad doctor error, but there needs to be a cap on what people can sue for and limits to what they can be awarded. Fallacious lawsuits with unrealistic awards are one of the reasons health care costs so much. Control THOSE limits and you’ll go a long way to cost containment.

    If the President is SERIOUS about healthcare reform, TORTE reform has to be included.

    4.) But, again, that’s just not what this is all about, is it? The REAL agenda is that President Barack Hussein Obama wants to NATIONALIZE our healthcare because it represents 1/6th of the nation’s economy. And once you grab ownership of THAT, the government will get to decide WHAT we eat, WHEN we eat it, WHAT we should weigh, Whether or not we should be allowed to smoke.

    Yes, I’ve SEEN such a system, sir or maam. I’ve spent TIME working there. It was called the Soviet Union and there was NOTHING democratic about it. But that’s exactly the vision Barack Hussein Obama has for this nation. And he makes no bones about it when you see the people he surrounds himself with. And he has three plus years ahead of him to implement as much of his socialist agenda as possible. People like Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh. Mark Levin and so many others will continue to research and speak the truth. All you and other Obama supporters can do is continue to spin and smear and hope the American public doesn’t catch on.

    A word to the wise: Don’t waste your time.

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  5. John 443 says:

    Your a complete a$$!!! F%ck you

    Edited for vulgar language.

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