They Still Don’t Get It

I just don’t understand how so many people/groups/media sources can remain in a 9/10 mindset. But they persist. The latest example comes from my local paper, the Cape Cod Times, which ran a front page headline yesterday on the Fort Hood massacre:

cct-ft hood front page

“A mystery”? A mystery?! Are you kidding me?

When our media can’t even face the concept that a horrible act of islamist terrorism was perpetrated on an Army base in our very heartland, there’s something extremely wrong.

Or as Jim Treacher tweeted: “If this idiot had been wearing an I Kill Unbelievers 4 the Glory of Allah t-shirt, they’d still be going whuh-whuh-why did he do this?”

H/T: Vanderleun at AmericanDigest



5 Responses to They Still Don’t Get It

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  2. Doug says:

    This is purely agenda driven political spin. All the anti-war folks, including those who are anti war because they just hate W. are going to spin this as a guy going bezerk because he had to hear horror stories from troops returning from “Bush’s” war.

    To admit that this was an act of Jihad by a radical Muslim would be to admit that the invasion of Iraq and the surge were right. It would be admitting that we do need those troops in Afghanistan yesterday. It would be admitting that Janet Napolitano and Morris Dees are bigoted hatemongers for wanting to focus on “white males returning from the war”.

    The left is invested in making this something besides an Islamist act of terror.

    I know it was an act of muslim terror, because I knew Nidal’s father and brother. He was not raised in radical Islam. He was raised by very decent hard working and tolerant people. Somebody turned him radical, probably after losing his father in 98 and his mother in ’01.

    Nothing made that man kill people except the madness of radical Islam. He did not just snap, he gave away his belongings, wore his white doh to prayers that morning and methodically carried out his self directed mission of terror.

    Don’t let the left get away with this lie. We must shout the truth from the rooftops. I believe his father would have – may he rest in peace.

  3. the other Ken says:

    Today Drudge is saying that Major Hasan had been trying to contact Al Qaeda. No doubt the Cape Code Times will find that this just adds to the mystery of the shooter’s motives.

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