At Least Someone Is Acting Presidential

Sadly, it’s not the President.

Friday night, former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush made a private visit to those wounded in the Fort Hood massacre. No press corps, no photographers, no reporters. Just President and Mrs. Bush, comforting the victims. After a few hours there, they left as quietly as they had arrived. This is only to be expected of a Commander-in-Chief who understands that those injured or grieving may have no wish to be bombarded by camera flashes or microphones shoved in front of tearful faces.

The former President and his wife behaved exactly as we have come to expect them to do. With class, dignity, and grace. With gravitas and humility. bush hugging girlIn a word, presidential.

Has President Obama visited Fort Hood yet? Why, no. No, he has not. Right now, he’s at Camp David with the First Family. (Unless he is making a private trip out there as I write this, in which case, good for him!)

Barack Obama is our President. But as far as I’m concerned, George W. Bush is still our Comforter-in-Chief.

H/T: Atlas Shrugs



6 Responses to At Least Someone Is Acting Presidential

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  2. Doug says:

    I was never one hundred percent sold on former President Bush, but he always earned my respect. Once again he has shown us that it’s better to simply do what has to be done.

    It is truly a tragedy that the weekend outing to Camp David takes priority over comforting those who are suffering and grieving. Perhaps making the trip would just cause too much guilt to a president who is struggling to spin this tragedy as a non terrorist act for expediency.

    Maybe he knows that if he has to look those victims in the eye, it will cost him personally. I hope he has a nice weekend while our troops and their loved ones struggle to absorb the hurt and carry on.

  3. TaxachusettsGirl says:

    My exact sentiments when I heard that George W. and Laura Bush went there for several hours…

    I assume we can’t interrupt his tee time or court time to expect him to actually be presidential…

  4. TaxachusettsGirl says:

    Actually, I would like to add that he wouldn’t act “presidential” unless he knew there were going to be cameras there, like there will be tomorrow with the service he will attend to honor the fallen…

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