Thinking of Dede

So Republican former candidate Dede Scozzafava has now endorsed the Democrat in New York’s 23rd district race, has she? Dede accepted how much money from the Republican party, and from local Republicans, and she’s endorsing a Dem? I guess Hell hath no fury like a woman candidate scorned, eh?

Oh wait, her husband is a big union guy in the state, and Dede herself supports Card Check and the Stimulus and things like that…

Never mind. Given all that, I guess nobody should have been surprised that, when the Republicans in the district found her untenable as a candidate, Dede should stab them in the back and endorse the Democrat. My only question is, “Why was she registered as a Republican at all?” Well, that and, “What was the party thinking when they chose her to run?”

But regardless of all that, I think it shows a real lack of class not to leave with the one who brung ya to the dance in the first place…



4 Responses to Thinking of Dede

  1. Anthony McHugh says:

    I live in Franklin County. Does anyone have a list of names of those 11 in the NY GOP who chose this Fat Rino to represent their party? Their heads should be next on the chopping block.

  2. Doug says:

    Class is something the left hasn’t burdened themselves with much as far back as I can remember. They howled for the blood of Trent Lott, and got it.

    When one of their own is caught out, they circle the wagons. I will forever point to Monica-Gate as an example.

    For months it was denial that President Clinton had done anything at all. In the aftermath of the blue dress the party line changed to “it doesn’t matter”.

    Why was Dede registered as a Republican? Money and Power. A democrat does not have much of a chance in that district. She wanted the office and the money and power that comes with it. ( Don’t they all? )

    Even though the lesser of two evils often has this old liberal ( that means radical tea bag wing nut in CNN parlance ) pulling the republican lever – I am no certain fan of either party.

    Credit where credit is due, Republicans usually at least make an effort at propriety.

    When they are caught in something that reflects poorly on the party ( Remember Hyde? ) they will fall on the sword. Democrats – not so much.

    Class does not figure into their game plan. Dede was certainly a RINO, the democrat would decline her endorsement for a profit in votes if he was smart. Nobody likes a traitor.

    If he is agreeable to an endorsement from one so shiftless it says something about him, and his party. The Democrats threw character overboard years ago, it doesn’t count as long as the person does the work of the party.

    Only republicans and independents can have character issues in the eyes of the DNC. Or their minions.

    • Stoutcat says:

      Doug, not only has Dede endorsed Owens (the Dem), it appears she is now doing robo-calls for his campaign.

      The question now becomes: is she an “honest” politician? By which I mean, now that she’s been bought by the Democrats, will she stay bought? Or will she attempt to weasel her way back into Republicans’ good graces after Ownes loses to Hoffman?

      • Doug says:

        Without the quotes around the word ‘honest’ that would be a blatant oxymoron.

        Dede is as honest as most politicians get. She is blatantly serving her own interest. My own gun feeling ( uninformed opinion based on incomplete information, just like playing poker ) is that she believes that supporting the Democrat can get him elected and that does her more good than the conservative candidate.

        Is there anybody out reading this who does not believe that there was a backroom deal? The question is with whom?

        I am not sure she can come back across the river over that burnt bridge. My guess is that Hoffman wins and Dede throws in with the unions working with her husband.

        That’s just a guess and based on what i know, which is only what one hears on the net and the news….

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