Honor Killing Accomplished

Words cannot describe how horrified, disgusted, and angry I am about this.

Noor Faleh Almaleki has died of  the injuries she received when her father ran her over with his car because he felt she was becoming “too Westernized”.

Faleh Hassan Almaleki fled the scene of the crime, but was apprehended a week later after he fled the country, abandoned his Jeep in Mexico, flew to London where he was denied entry and subsequently returned to Atlanta, where law enforcement officials were waiting to arrest him on charges of aggravated assault.

One of those charges should now read First Degree Murder.

This is the second known honor killing this year in America. I pray that it is the last, but I fear there is worse to come.  As I said back in February: Unthinkable at one time, but no more.

UPDATE: Welcome, Michelle Malkin readers.



20 Responses to Honor Killing Accomplished

  1. Doug says:

    If that poor child were a lesbian run over by a fundamentalist conservative Christian, the media would be baying for blood, and wanting to charge the man’s pastor with “hate speech”.

    Since this is a protected species under current administration rules, don’t look for any zealous or even proper handling by the authorities.

    This case may even be plead down to a lesser charge.

    I sincerely hope that I am wrong, but my intuition tells me otherwise.

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    In the United States of Obamaland, Muslims no longer bother to demand Sharia law. They simply act on it, knowing the gutless wonder currently occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is too impotent to do anything but make another speech about it. Nothing more.

    Keep the anger in check, folks. All the more incentive to dedicate ourselves to removing the power-hungry rodents from office one-by-one through LEGAL means. That is, if the thug from Chicago doesn’t first find a way to fix the elections.

  3. Michelle Malkin » An outbreak of honor killings in America says:

    […] Grand Rants notes that Noor Faleh Almaleki, who was mowed down in Arizona by her Muslim father because she was acting too “Westernized,” has died of her injuries. […]

  4. Dandapani says:

    Pray for Rifqa in Ohio.

  5. […] Malkin is appalled, Grand Rants is horrified: This is the second known honor killing this year in America. I pray that it is the last, but I […]

  6. Muhammed says:

    Ahhh, another devout muslim. It makes my heart whole to see sharia spreading around the world.

    • TW says:

      Your heart’s not whole. It’s either coldblooded or dead.

    • Doug says:

      Then you should turn yourself in as an accomplice and beg for capitol punishment, thereby achieving martyr status.

      The goal of the Islamist is to meet Allah as a martyr. The duty of sane people everywhere is to arrange the meeting, inshallah.

  7. […] they are a form of religious persecution.  Am I wrong?  I ask because Michelle Malkin linked to this blog post, that describes the brutal murder of  Noor Faleh Almaleki.  Noor died of  the injuries she […]

  8. JOEINTEXAS says:

    Simply disgusting. There is no way to spin this issue. There have been many ultra conservatives who have stupidly disowned their own family over issues they found un acceptable ( ie gay/lesbian, drugs/prostitution, and voting different ((Obama). You don’t really see them killing their own children. WHo could kill their own child. Only animals. No person, no matter how disgusted they may be at their childs choices, could murder their own child. Only an animal could do this. And so, like when a rabid possum is a threat, you put it down with your shotgun. I may be a farm kid from Texas, but I saw the world as my brother and father did, in the military. And in seeing the savage killing and maiming in Africa and the Middle East, I say send anyone, regardless of religion, who could run their child over in a car, right to the firing squad. Forget that wussy lethal injection. Firing squad is the way to go, and let them suffer and take a few minutes to die, while holding the photo of their child to their faces.

  9. 9090z says:

    Yet I don’t see any posts here, or on Malkin’s site, condemning Rushdoony, who advocated stoning to death your disobedient children, among others.

    And some of you are calling for executing the father. Eye for an eye, I guess.

    And it’s OK to kill Iraqis, right? And Afghans. And, incidentally, American soldiers.

    And abortion doctors. And gays, right?

    Who else? Everyone who’s not like us?

    Damn bloody Muslims. They’re the worst. Not like us Christians. We only kill for Godly reasons.

    • Doug says:


      Who is rushdooney? If that’s El Rushbo and he said to stone disobedient children This cat missed it because not everybody who leans conservative ( that means true liberal, btw) is a dittohead.

      killing the Father? That would be the legal remedy in a capitol case.

      Iraquis, Afghans? I have friends from both places and will kill radical Islamists who want to spread sharia by terror even if they are from Meridian Mississippi.

      Abortion Doctors? No such thing, Doctors take an oath. Abortion providers? Nope, that’s not usually the legal remedy if any.

      Gays? Nope.

      Who else? anybody who tries to kill us, I reckon.

      Damn Bloody Muslims? Depends on what you believe. If they believe in spreading sharia, yes – I call them Damn Bloody Muslims. Sue me.

      Christians? There are a whole bunch of faiths engaged in trying to fight radical Islam, including Islam. Read a book.

    • Solana2012 says:

      I can’t understand what you’re saying.

      War is war; unfortunately killing is involved.
      If only terrorists hadn’t bombed our twin towers, etc; we may not be at war at this time.

      In this great nation, Americans “kill” as a punishment for those guilty of premeditated murder only (which is what I’d call the actions of Faleh Hassan Almaleki.

      I have no idea where you’re coming from.
      Are you talking about hate crimes? They’re illegal in this country.
      What are you smokin’?

  10. From attempted to actual…

    It’s horrible, but Noor Almaleki, the woman whose Muslim father ran her over with a Jeep Grand Cherokee in Arizona, has died….

  11. […] Nov 2: Young woman who was run over by her own Muslim father for being too “Westernized” dies of her injuries in Atlanta.  Oops. […]

  12. Dave B says:

    “Honor killing”? We don’t have those here in America. You’re a fu..ing murderer. You want to live in America? Live by our rules, not someone elses. Women are EQUAL and probably MORE important than males in our society! They’re probably more superior than males in our life you piece of sh.t! We men will willingly die for, or at least are willing to do so for our women… not like some others in the world. In our world, they’re the most important things! They give life, they nurture, they’re soft and beautiful, they protect their children, and they keep us from killing each other needlessly. Women are superior to males in almost every way and we men know it! You think you can keep your women suppressed behind burkas, walking ten steps behind you? Where’s your manhood? As far as I’m concerned, you’re a bunch of latent homos that need to use your physical advantage to suppress people far superior than you ever will be. American men love their women,respect them, and would die for them. I think that makes us superior to you Islamic fundamentalist that would hurt them because they can’t defend themselves physically. We LOVE our women because they’re SUPERIOR to us men! We love our women because they’re SMARTER than most of us! We love our women because that’s the way GOD wanted it to be! Instead of hurting them, American men protect them! We don’t make them walk behind us, we hold door open for them to walk in front of us! We stand when they enter the room! We HONOR them you pieces of sh.t! We don’t hurt or kill them! It takes a real man to understand that just because he can physically take advantage of someone that life is more than that! God Bless the women or the world! I’d die for my woman, how about you? Maybe you don’t have the guts. Maybe you Islamist fundamentalist should re-consider what you’ve been taught by the homos in the mosks that tell you women are inferior. They’re not. They’re the givers of life, they make life worth living for most of us, and I’m pretty sure God thinks them much more worthy than the rest of us. I hope you rot in hell while you think about that. Killing a woman is just about the worst thing, and the most cowardly thing a man could do in this world. By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, they seem to have more real courage than the men in our current society. Maybe that was your motive to silence them. We men wouldn’t want the girls to show us up, now would we? We wouldn’t want the world to know that it takes ten times the courage for women to stand up and fight for what is right and just than for the men to do so. I’m sorry Islamic fundamentalist, I get carried away. American women, women in general, and females past and present just turn me into putty. That must be difficult for you. Knowing that a man that loves women could kick your ass so efficiently and still be a man… that knows women are so much superior. Go plant a bomb on an innocent baby you piece of sh.t! Maybe you can kill a bunch of defenseless civilians. You’re a bunch of balless cowards, always have been, always will be, can’t fight a fair fight, never have, never will, and will be doomed to live in Hell when all is said and done. Women are God’s gift and you think you can hurt them the way you do? I’ve seen the courage it takes to cut off some poor bastard’s head while he’s tied up. You’re real courageous! What kind of fu..ed up religion, what kind of fu..ed up religious leader would want that? You’re cowards, you’re evil, you’re sick, you’re weak minded, you’re nothing but a group of people that history will view as agents of pure evil that were so weak minded that they actually believed what they were doing was “Allah’s will.” Yeah right! Gutless!

    • Solana2012 says:

      About 15 years ago there was a story in Reader’s Digest about Muslem women who have escaped from middle east countries to live here.
      This story brought to light the hidden, horrific details of what women are forced to endure through the power of men in the name of their religion.
      At about 5 years of age, mothers take their daughters to the local ‘medicine woman’ who mutilates them by removing their clitoris (without anesthesia) and permanently sewing up their folds to make them “tight for their future husband”. This leads to lifelong urinary tract infections, horrible childbirth pain and tearing, and never the possibility of an orgasm.

      It is common practice.

      Then the men get to have virgins in heaven.

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  14. […] Grand Rants notes that Noor Faleh Almaleki, who was mowed down in Arizona by her Muslim father because she was acting too “Westernized,” has died of her injuries. […]

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