Stay Classy, Code Pink

This is just pathetic. The harpies from Code Pink were out tonight harrassing the children – yes, the children! – waiting in line for the White House Hallowe’en party.

Photo Credit: Reuters

What a bunch of witches.


Source: Yahoo News


5 Responses to Stay Classy, Code Pink

  1. Doug says:

    Mind your spelling, that’s with a “B” isn’t it?

    • Stoutcat says:

      Doug, I’m far too much of a lady to call anyone a bitch. However, if the shoe fits…

      • Doug says:

        It’s so ironic that a women’s group is calling for us to pull out of Afghanistan so the Taliban can resume it’s program of sharia.

        I guess they haven’t seen the execution videos the brave women of Afghanistan took and smuggled out to the world.

  2. SpeakEasy says:

    Doug, How would they possibly see the truth- they would never watch fox.

    • Doug says:

      But they must monitor WND and some of the other right wing sites.

      I think some of them do watch fox. Just to get upset about the channel not being “real” news.

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