The Mystery Of Stonehenge Uncovered?

stonehenge_416For thousands of years, England’s massive Stonehenge rock formation has stood (and withstood) the test of time. It’s been the topic of endless discussions over the years, as people have argued about what the mystical formation symbolized and, more to the point, how it was possible for people with only rudimentary tools back in 4,000 BBD (Before Black and Decker) to move those huge rocks into position.

A retired construction worker from Flint, MI named Wally Wallington thinks he might know one way it could have been done and. He even goes so far as to demonstrate it by building a min-Stonehenge on his property… by himself.

The simplicity of his technique, with the absence of any modern tools is convincing:

Is this the actual way ancient workers were able to get these boulders to stand? Perhaps. Perhaps not.  But one thing Wally Wallington has proven: It doesn’t have to take a bunch of engineers.

conan-obrien2This still leaves, of course, one towering question: How does Conan Obrien get his hair to stand in a similar manner?

Gerry Ashley

H/T J-Walk Blog

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  1. Sir NosDa says:

    Lets hope she gets to go home soon

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