Doug Ross’ $1,000 Challenge

Yesterday, Doug Ross at Director Blue issued a challenge to those who have proclaimed that Fox News is not really a news organization. He’s offering a solid gold Kruggerand (today’s value: $1,040) to the person who can document one single lie made by a Fox News reporter. I’d have thought, given the ferocity with which liberal bloggers, newsmedia, and the White House have perpetuated this claim, that Doug’s Kruggerand would have been gone by sundown. But amazingly enough, it’s still there.

So we’re  going to help Doug out by publicizing his challenge, in the hopes that one of the many bloggers who refer to the network as “Faux News”  or the right-wing propaganda machine or whatever, will cover themselves in glory (and gold) by simply proving what they’re accusing Fox of.

Doug has four simple and reasonable rules for anyone wishing to claim the gold.

• Typos don’t qualify (“ooh, the news ticker used a ‘D’ after his name, not an ‘R’!”).

• The lie must have been repeated by at least two national Fox News reporters and left uncorrected.

• The transcripts and/or video clips must be available on the Fox News website for verification.

• The story, refuting the Fox News lie, must have been correctly reported at around the same time by news reporters from CNN and MSNBC (with links and/or transcripts from their sites).

So come on, lefties–you know who you are! Put up or shut up. And yes, Robert Gibbs, Rahm Emanual, and David Axelrod, you all can participate, too. Good luck.



19 Responses to Doug Ross’ $1,000 Challenge

  1. Pat says:

    Didn’t A number of Fox on air personalities report that Ken Jennings did not report the statutory rape of a 15 year old boy when the boy was actually 16 years old and therefore able to give consent to sex?

    • Stoutcat says:

      Actually, the initial story is still somewhat clouded. Jennings himself said the boy was 15 in his original reportage of the story, and one might think that Jennings would know. All news outlets reported it as that, until the boy himself (after who knows how much pressure) came out and said he was sixteen at the time. This, however, was some time after the Jennings’ initial report came out, and I believe Fox did subsequently mention that there was some question about whether the boy was 15 or 16.

      But hey, check with Doug Ross and see if that falls under the definition of “lie.”

    • Doug says:

      They reported that Kevin Jennings said it was a fifteen year old boy, which is one hundred percent correct.

      Since Jennings stated that the boy was fifteen it is reasonable to infer that Jennings would have then been obligated to report a statutory rape.

      Why the kid saying he was sixteen years later somehow absolves Jennings’ questionable judgment at the time is beyond me.

      The left has one constant, lie, deny, and stand by. Whether the kid was fifteen or sixteen makes no difference to me. Whether or it was a boy or a girl in a straight or gay relationship makes no difference.

      An adult was involved with a child, legal or supra legal it raises a range of issues precious few of which are addressed by ” make sure you use a condom “.

      That’s the difference between progressive socialists and sane people. Sane people call something wrong when it is, even if they otherwise agree with the person doing the wrong.

      Progressive Socialists are morally dissimilar from normal people and will try to spin out of anything that involves a figure on their side of the argument.

      OH, well the kid was sixteen, that makes is all O.K.. That nice man will keep my children safe, thank you very much!

      Kevin’s agenda has never been school safety, it’s gay rights and that has nothing to do with morality. It’s about the money. Benefits for gay partners, tax breaks for gay couples.

      Mr. Jennings is going to use his position to indoctrinate children to accept the pro gay agenda. Let’s call it what it is. Special interest and all about the money.

      Now some may have moral objections to Mr. Jennings. I don’t have enough lack of sin to cast that stone. I object to the man being given tax dollars to protect my great nephews while he is going to use his position to lobby for a minority special interest group.

      I also object to those who think that the student, years later, saying he was actually 16 makes a difference because Jennings is the one who said the student was not of legal age and that he did not report the abuse.

  2. Doug says:

    I hope that Glenn Beck picks this up and throws it in Anita Dunn’s face.

    The efforts to stifle free speech and further turn the press into lapdogs scare me more than anything else.

    Once you have to resort to underground communications to get opposing viewpoints across violence is a given.

    I am going to mention this to anybody who talks smack about Fox News so they can get their gold on…

  3. James C Baxter says:

    Doesn’t anyone care that they distort the truth that they have a right wing bias that they spend more time on the tea party protest and only 3-4 minutes on the gay rights protest. Doesn’t that matter, doesn’t anyone care about other people anymore

    • Stoutcat says:

      James, the whole point here was to document Fox’s supposed lies. If you can do that, go see Doug Ross and claim your Kruggerand! Let us know how that works out for you.

      • dave says:

        “James, the whole point here was to document Fox’s supposed lies.”

        Fox’s lies are well documented all over. Try Media Matters, FactCheck, PolitiFact, or just watch Keith Olbermann tonight. In fact, you might as well just send Keith the Kruggerand right now.

      • Stoutcat says:

        Well, if it’s that obvious, why not send the documentation to Doug Ross and claim that Kruggerand for your own? No?

    • Doug says:

      The tea party protest was the largest protest march ever in the Nation’s capitol AND it was largely ignored by other media, marginalized, and undercounted. If the D.C. fire department really thought that crowd was 75000 then they took their drug tests in multiple choice format.

      The opinion shows spent a lot of time on the tea party protests, especially Beck – it was his baby. People do care about people, that’s why they want to stop pushing debt on to future generations and that’s what they tea party is about.

  4. Melissa says:

    It’s not about lies. Everything they say can be true and backed up by cold facts. The problem is the way that they report things. Leaving facts out is the same as lying.
    The way they frame their news is the biggest issue… Fox claims to be “fair and balanced” but then they have people like Beck and O’Reiley who obviously have very conservative viewpoints. They are therefore implying that the “true” and “fair” interpretation of the news is through a conservative perspective. I can prove that with pretty much any given video on FOX’s website.
    To be fair, many other news organizations do the same thing. Other companies like MSNBC and CNN are more socially liberal than FOX, but they all present the news through a economically conservative framing.
    That’s the problem. That’s why people are upset with FOX news. Not because what they are saying is not true, but because what they are saying is the only thing we ever hear. There are no liberal mainstream media outlets – especially economically liberal.
    FOX takes the brunt of accusations though because their personalities create the most publicity and because they are socially conservative as well as economically.
    Basically, what I’m saying is through the stories FOX chooses to cover, through the commentary of their pundits, and because they claim to be fair and balanced, FOX is deceiving the public into believing that the conservative view they present is the only way to interpret the news.

  5. David says:

    • The transcripts and/or video clips must be available on the Fox News website for verification.

    Is everything on the Fox website? The solution for Foxnews is to just remove the documents of their website when they know that they are lies…

  6. MarineBrat says:

    >>>The way they frame their news is the biggest issue… Fox claims to be “fair and balanced” but then they have people like Beck and O’Reiley who obviously have very conservative viewpoints.

    Why do you complain about how the news is “framed”, but then list two people who are not newscasters? And even more important, why do I ask why?

    • Doug says:

      Ummm… ever watch Chris Matthews, Anderson Cooper, Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow?

      Did you catch the Katie Couric interview of Palin? It’s only wrong when the other guy does it?

      So if it’s a liberal viewpoint it’s news, if it’s conservative ( which Fox rarely is much to the right of say juliani ) it’s not news?

      What kind of dishonesty is that? The white house warning other news outlets not to follow fox?

      Beck, Oreilly, Hannity, Huckabee, Geraldo, those are all opinion shows and they aren’t always conservative. If you pay attentino, Orielly let’s Juan Williams sit in for him sometimes. So even the conservative opinion shows aren’t always to the right.

      Their news simply isn’t slanted all the way to the left like say CBS. I guess you could call that right wing relative to the state controlled media.

  7. dave says:

    A lie is still a lie even if only one person says it.

    Corrections are for honest mistakes, not for blatant lies. Retracting a lie does not make it any less of a lie.

    The fact that you have to impose so many extraneous conditions tells me that you don’t actually have any confidence in the simple statement “Fox News doesn’t lie”.

  8. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Reddit by danny_ray: Hahaha. A faux challenge for a faux show. How fitting….

  9. Doug says:

    The presumption that bothers me is that the other news outlets are somehow balanced, or fair?

    What was fair about ABC, NBC, and CBS openly endorsing Obama’s candidacy and being lapdogs instead of watchdogs. If you think Fox has not been critical of republicans, you aren’t paying attention.

    I used to believe mainstream media, until about 1981. Twice my ship was in events that grabbed headlines, twice I read about events in the Newspapers that were quite different from the events I experienced.

    All media is biased, their job is to sell advertising and not to tell you the truth. If you like the vision of ABC, NBC, CBS, that’s your choice. Insulting somebody else for having different views is somewhat shallow and no way to solve anything.

    What if the Obama administration is full of Marxists that want to dismantle the Constitution? Does it matter?

    Does hatred of Fox mean that ACORN hasn’t had multiple convictions for voter fraud?

    Does it mean that Barney Frank and Charley Rangle aren’t horribly corrupt?

    Does it mean that Van Jones didn’t think that W was behind 9/11?

    What if somebody wants us quibbling over Fox network instead of paying attention to the upcoming Copenhagen “climate” talks, nationalism of health care, Robert Reich saying that old people won’t be getting care to give them a few more months of life to applause, or any number of other things we might be discussing? What if?

    When did we stop asking questions about our government and start attacking those who do?

  10. […] campaign to marginalize Fox News seems to us a case of badly misplaced priorities. Doug Ross’ $1,000 Challenge – 10/27/2009 Yesterday, Doug Ross at Director Blue issued a challenge to […]

  11. Thinker says:

    The requirements are pretty ridiculous. It doesn’t take 2 people repeating the same lie for it to qualify as a lie.

    Anyhow, you can just take a look at what some of the Fox (or any other network)personalities have claimed on

    Here’s Glenn Beck for example:

  12. Super Mario says:

    There’s a lovely little video posted on Ross’ blog that shows Fox photo-shopping photos of people they are criticizing to make them appear more sinister in their news coverage.

    Yellowing teeth, receding hair lines, making ears and noses bigger, adding dark circles… That doesn’t seem like “honest mistakes” to me…

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