Let the Mockery Begin


And so it starts. Kudos to Jay Leno for bringing the first real mockery of President Obama from the night show crowd. And Leno does a fine job.

H/T: Sissy Willis (glad you’re back blogging, pal!) via Weasel Zippers (via Infidels Are Cool)



3 Responses to Let the Mockery Begin

  1. Doug says:

    I found it interesting that Leno seemed to “pile on” by going for laughs re: the mop speech.

    Perhaps some in the media aren’t as dumb as we right wing nut jobs think they are and a few thick hides are not immune to blatant attempts to snuff the First Amendment?

    Who knows, maybe it’s because our President hasn’t done enough for the far left. Whatever the cause, the Obamamania seems to be fading in spots.

    We can only hope. For Change.

  2. delphinias says:

    “Leno does a fine job…”

    Only fine “jobs” Leno does is the blow types sucking up to corporate advertisers.

    And sucking up to the “everyman” he thinks his audience is, that being: resentful, white-trash bigots like hissef.

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