Blockbuster: Philly ACORN Video Released


UPDATE III: Video is back up! See below. New YouTube address, so it may be taken down again…

UPDATE II: Philly video is reportedly available at The Hope for America site, but I’ve been unable to access even the home page there.

UPDATE: Someone has rendered the video inaccessible by marking it PRIVATE. A friend of ACORN, perhaps? All previous videos linked below still play. Further updates as they become available.

James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles have released another ACORN sting over at BreitbartTV. Although this version has been edited, presumably to comply with whatever lawsuits are pending (several voices are blanked out), the full video and transcript should be available soon.

Differing from the previous films (San Diego, New York, Washington DC, San Bernadino, and Baltimore), this release has narration by O’Keefe and is interspersed with clips of ACORN personnel making claims that the video shows to be false. There are also a few disconcerting gaps in the audio stream where audio has been blanked out.

Well worth watching:

ACORN needs to stop digging.



4 Responses to Blockbuster: Philly ACORN Video Released

  1. Cranky Catholic says:

    Maybe the video is still in your cache.

  2. As Fox News continues to be marginalized by the White House and the Popular Rule in the interest of promoting state-run media as well other more favorable outlets, a great disservice is being done to the institution that is the Press. Our Founding Fathers respected this institution enough to include the RIGHT that protects it in the same Amendment as religion. They fully understood the importance of a free press and its ability to prevent tyranny from ever coming to our shores.

    I am not saying that the work of Giles and O’Keefe should be thought of as transcendent or even patriotic, but I am absolutely stating that they should be commended for their efforts in every way imaginable. If their work inspired one person to engage in similar behavior to expose corruption, fraud, or mismanagement of government resources – at either end of the political or ideological spectrum – then they have done this country and the institution of the press a great service and we owe them our thanks.

  3. Doug says:

    This combined with the voter fraud and the responses from ACORN officials begs the question, RICO?

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