It’s Not Always Raaaaacism! (Except When It Is)


And in this case, it’s not.

Via Patterico comes a tale of some guy named D. Aristophanes at a blog called Sadly, No who trumpeted as raaaaacist! something radio talk host and blogger Tammy Bruce wrote on her blog.

In reaction to President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, Ms. Bruce posted about her first thoughts on hearing that the President had been awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. She wrote:

1) Hahahahahahahaha!!!!
2) peeps at the Onion had managed to fool everyone, or
3) we had been thrown back to April 1st in a time machine, or
4) everyone on the Nobel Peace Prize Committee is on crack.
5) How can I get that crack?

Then, I found the answer–the new prize in the box of Cracker Jack is, that’s right, the Nobel Peace Prize! I have one now, too. In addition to the million or so dollars he’ll receive (perhaps he should he should donate that to the US Treasury) I bet he’ll get a Mood Ring with the prize. He can keep that for himself.

She followed that up with another entry, in which she posted a photo of her pet raccooon, Rocky, paw in a box of Cracker Jack, digging for his very own Nobel Peace Prize.

Well, D. Aristophanes saw in this photo of a cute animal the dreaded specter of raaaaacism!, and so wrote:

Really? A coon? Is this where we’re at now? Because this sort of stuff isn’t coded speech, it’s not a dog whistle or faux-irony … it’s flat-out, no-apologies, bottom-of-the-barrel, peckerwood racism.

Evidently this blogger sees racism where none exists. I wonder if he wrote about the racism of this image:


Or this one:


Or these:

 steele blackface  lieberman blackface

Crickets chirping.

Oh wait, I forgot. Those were done before President Post-Racial was elected,so these images were obviously gently tongue-in-cheek, or sophisticated non-racist humor, or post-ironic, rather than the dreaded “R” word.

But post a photo of a raccoon digging through a box of Cracker Jack, and what do you get? Raaaaacism!


Face it, D. Aristophanes. Sometimes a raccoon is just a raccoon.



7 Responses to It’s Not Always Raaaaacism! (Except When It Is)

  1. Doug says:

    The use of the slur “peckerwood” tells me all I need to know about that person.

  2. charles says:

    I didn’t know Tammy Bruce had a pet raccoon. That’s pretty cool.

    I guess if I want to show my ferret getting a nobel prize, I better use the white one, not the black one.

  3. tommoriarty says:

    Speaking of Cracker Jack…

    Here was Obama’s reaction when he learned he has won the Nobel Prize.

    best regards,
    political pen

  4. Tom Folkes says:

    The incessant accusation of racism is very much like Chicken Little yelling that “the sky is falling”. After a while the word has no more meaning for the broad population. It would all be hilarious except for the diligent work to undermine our nation that is going on under the table while everybody is watching the hand that is waving the Racism flag. Very well structured attempts, like yours, to shine a light on such foolishness will have little effect, I fear. The perpetrators know very well what they are doing and why, while the useful idiots that support them are in terminal denial.

  5. Jonathan says:

    Sorry, but that’s a picture of a raccoon off the internet. By falsely claiming that it’s Bruce’s pet raccoon, you’re implying that she just happened to use the pet, rather than that she deliberately did a search for a picture with a raccoon.

    Of course, your reply of “She can be racist, because they were racist first!” is brilliant.

    • Stoutcat says:

      Hi Jonathan. If you clicked the links in my post, you’ll see that Ms. Bruce posted the picture. It’s fairly well known that she has a pet raccoon. Is it too much to infer that she actually takes photos of her cute pet, as most people do? I find it entirely plausible. And no, two wrongs do not make a right, but I still don’t see that what she posted was racist in the first place. Perhaps you could explain.

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