Ain’t Gonna Treat Your Heart No Longer


The Senate Finance Committee is voting to pass the vaporous ObamaCare bill today (and yes, Olympia Snowe will do what we all expect her to do, which is to vote for the bill).

We must prevent this ill-conceived, non-written, steaming pile of groat clusters from becoming law.

And one of the best tools in the arsenal of most people is Saul Alinski’s Rule # 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.”

With Rule #5 in mind, I’d like to post a  genius muse-inspired video from Omaha doctor Chris Link, entitled “Ain’t Gonna Treat Your Heart No Longer.” 

Readers may recall another Dr. Chris video we posted back in July, ObamaCare: The Musical.

Humor is a potent weapon. Let’s use it and every other argument, persuasion, and conviction in the arsenal of political debate, and get this stinking piece of legislation voted down once and for all.

The alternative is simply too disastrous to contemplate.



4 Responses to Ain’t Gonna Treat Your Heart No Longer

  1. Senate Finance Committee Passes Baucus Plan 14-9 With Snowe on Board…

    The Senate Finance Committee voted today on the Baucus Plan for healthcare reform. It passed 14-9 and will now move on to a conference committee where it will be merged by the Democratic leadership with the Health Committee’s plan before being m…

  2. Doug says:

    To this reader, it seems like there are two main groups of opponents we are dealing with.

    To the working poor who have nothing but the hospital E.R. for health coverage, government run rationed health care for all it’s faults may look like the greener side of the fence.

    Then you have folks like my dear departed mother. She railed against our lack of government run health care while her excellent private coverage gave her six years of life in a fight with cancer she would not have had in England or Canada.

    The former may not be that hard to convince when you point out that their E.R. physician care plan, while far from ideal is still more likely to treat serious conditions in a timely manner than government run care.

    The latter presents a real challenge. Add to it that the people who are designing this brave new system will not partake of it. It’s a tough fight.

    The only thing I can see that will make a difference are things like WNDs’ “pink slip” program. The legislators have to be convinced that it’s in their best interest to take a pass on this one.

  3. I have no doubt that there are millions of Americans who support healthcare reform of some kind. In fairness, Republicans have been trying to chip away at Medicare for generations with plans for Health savings accounts and efforts in the private sector. Democrats have been pushing for a government-run plan for generations. Conservatives have been calling for tort reform for decades. Liberals have been insisting that we move toward a single-payer model since the Great Depression. Americans clearly want something to be done in regards to healthcare reform, but does this mean that they want an entirely new system or to hand over the current system to the federal government? Of course not.

    Americans want the best value for their healthcare dollar; they want competition, they want choices; they want to know that their doctors and health professionals have their best interest in mind; they want affordable healthcare coverage; and they want to be able to refrain from purchasing it if they so choose. The truth is we do genuinely need healthcare reform on some level, but assuming that the public option is the something that all Americans are asking for is simply misguided and deceptive. Just because Americans want something does not for a second mean that they want Everything.

  4. financetips says:

    I have hear about this issue.. yes, I think we need no doubt about that.

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