Why Obama Deserves Nobel Peace Prize


Photo Credit: Fox News

Photo Credit: Fox News

Yes, you read that correctly. I want to congratulate President Obama on his winning of the Nobel Peace Prize. The committee could not have chosen a better person to demonstrate just how meaningless this award truly has become. Over the past 20 years or so, it has been more of a political statement on liberalism than anything else.

Something to think about:

  • The nominations for this year’s winner closed only 11 days after President Mmm-Mmm-Mmm took office… were those 11 amazing days or what? 
  • The committee isn’t releasing the name of the person who nominated Obama, but Jimmy Carter and Algore are suspects.
  • In 2002, the award went to former President Jimmy Carter for his mediation in International Conflicts.  More than anything this was a swipe at the Bush administration for the hard line they took as they made plans to invade Iraq.
  • In 2007, another slap to the Bush administration as they selected former VP and current Carbon Credit Huckster Algore for his work to convince people global warming is an issue, and one that can only be solved by buying carbon credits from his company.

On Michelle Malkin‘s blog, she quotes Michael P. Leahy, who wrote: “Where’s Kanye West when we really need him?”

Reportedly, Obama’s selection was due to his committment to world peace which, as pointed out by Tampa morning radio personalities Jack Harris and Tedd Webb, “Ought to make every Miss America contestant eligible.”

The peace-seeking President was not immediately available for comment. He is in meetings this morning, planning a new war strategy for Afghanistan. I’m just sayin’…

Mmm-Mmm-Mmm Nobel Prize Winner Barack Hussein Obama…

H/T:  Jack Harris & Tedd Webb

Gerry Ashley


6 Responses to Why Obama Deserves Nobel Peace Prize

  1. Doug says:

    would have to agree that this is an insult to W more than anything else. Now if our president would unleash hellfire on the Taliban……..

  2. Simona says:

    when Bush gave his great speeches (stupid) and his excuses (reasons) for starting the war IN iraq I cringed and turned the channel…alot of Cuban exiles love him but don’t understand his stupidity because they don’t understand the language (at least the people I know didn’t, they thought he was great.) President Obama is the best President (I loved Pres. Kennedy too) in today’s world, and he is doing his best to repair America’s image to the world and he should be reward the Nobel Peace Prize, he truly deserves it and it started way back before he became President, not since February…GOP are just jealous.

    • William A. Barrow says:

      Simona, Get a “GRIP” you have no idea on what made Obama deserve any award muchless the PeacePrize.He has covered-up his entire life
      with lie’s since he was in his teen’s and continues to do so today to the American people,exception,maybe you,you need to do some research my friend.

  3. Gerry Ashley says:

    First, thank you for taking the time to reply and, I thank all the others who have done so as well.

    I really would like you to respond to several points:

    1.) You DO realize this is the Nobel PEACE Prize, right? It’s not the “Coolest guy around” award.

    2.)This is an award the recipient has allegedly won by actually DOING and COMPLETING something, not just make great sounding speeches (that are written by others on his behalf) and read from a teleprompter. That said, name ONE thing (and be prepared to back it with facts, not conjecture) Obama has done besides making speeches, that justifies the award.

    3.) If you haven’t figured it out by now, That was a trick question. Barack Obama hasn’t finished anything. He’s only confused our allies by selling them out in speeches where he apologizes for America’s greatness. He’s amused our enemies by sucking up to them and exposing his weakness. He (and, I would assume you) aren’t even aware how they’re laughing behind his back because they now know they can play him like a cheap fiddle.

    4.) It will be a cold day in hell before you find a true member of the GOP who is jealous of Obama as you state. The Nobel Peace Prize has become a joke and Obama’s selection today merely proves it.

    Forgive me, but my guess is that you are a starry-eyed young person with little real knowledge of the issues. Your comment indicates that your understanding of the issues is no more than surface level. IF you want to find the truth in life, one must dig BELOW the surface to find it. And you certainly are unlikely to find the full truth coming from the mouth of a politician, Republican OR Democrat.

    There really isn’t ONE point in your reply that can hold it’s own based on facts.

    I urge you to actually seek the truth with an open mind. You would have to be willing to invest hours in some actual FACTUAL study to understand why the man you seem to worship is nothing more than talk, false bravado and without an inkling of a clue on how to handle the responsibility of the position he’s in. Obama’s presidency is nothing more than the Peter Principal times 1,000.

    Obama is a great orator. No question about it. And that may move those who are too lazy to dig for the truth but simply prefer to be spoon fed rhetoric that sounds good so they don’t have to make any real effort on their own.

    I’ll be blunt with you: Even with all the mistakes Bush made, Barack Obama couldn’t hold “W’s” jock strap when it came to knowing who our enemies truly are and keeping them at arm’s length. Obama merely makes an ass of himself by sucking up to them. You may not be able to see it, but Obama has become the laughing stock of the free world. And the Nobel Peace Prize just confirmed it.

  4. I don’t think Obama deserved to win…yet. It’s a well done so far and keep going from the Nobel Committee. They want Obama to deliver on his promises and have awarded him ahead of actually achieveing anything!! I have written a blog post on the topic, ‘Will the real President Obama please stand up?’ if anyone wants to take a look http://wp.me/pCIZY-Y

  5. Solana2012 says:

    I just read Simona’s comment…I was speechless.

    First, I thought she was about 8 years old because she didn’t see the 911 attack (she doesn’t know why we’re at war).
    Then I thought she was a starry-eyed teenager drinking the “here a plan, there a plan, everywhere a plan-plan, EIEIO-bama” kool-aid.
    Then I thought she was a Florida school teacher because she knows a lot of non-English-speaking Cubans. (btw, did you know that most non-English-speaking South Americans have been told that DEMOCRAts promote DEMOCRAcy and republicans don’t? It’s a phonetic-thing and true; is why the majority of them legally in this country vote democrat).
    Then I thought she was in her 70’s because she was at least of voting age when Kennedy was the president (she loved him).
    Then I thought she was mentally challenged because she thinks Obama was nominated “way back before he became president” and not in February when he was actually nominated.
    I finally decided that she’s about 23, unmarried, and is supporting her 5 babies by 5 baby-daddies with welfare, public housing, medicaid, and food stamps and is probably going to college on gov’t money. She is semi-literate and still reads fairy tales for her entertainment.
    During the day, she does volunteer work for ACORN.

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