The Day ObamaCare Died


UPDATE: Sorry, folks. Evidently someone without a sense of humor at YouTube has pulled the vid. When it is restored (cross your fingers!) we’ll re-post.

UPDATE II: Commenter Solana2012 found a less detailed version of the video. Good work, Solana! Let’s see how long this one is allowed to stay live:

In the same tenor as a previous musical post comes a hilarious parody of Don McLean’s great American classic, American Pie. I think this version is destined to become a classic, too.

H/T: DirectorBlue



3 Responses to The Day ObamaCare Died

  1. Solana2012 says:

    Think I found it; it’s great!
    Love his Rush Limbaugh plug!
    www . youtube . com

  2. Francesco says:

    Many thanks Stoutcat!

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