Head to Head: Obama and McChrystal


I don’t think that President Obama ever acknowledged that the surge in Iraq actually worked.

Because of that successful strategy, the world in general now considers the war in Iraq (one theater of the Global War on Terror) a victory.

But because if his reluctance to admit a surge strategy has already worked once, I guess it’s not surprising that the President is stonewalling General McChrystal on his (now-on-the-back-burner) request for a surge of 40,000 more troops for the Afghanistan theater. 

In London last week, in response to a question about whether a more drone and special ops-focused strategy would work, the Telegraph reported McChrystal’s response, about which the President is reportedly furious:

“The short answer is: No… Waiting does not prolong a favorable outcome. This effort will not remain winnable indefinitely, and nor will public support.”

Is it the President’s hope that the General’s request, if ignored or denied, will cause McChrystal to resign or retire, thus allowing Obama the luxury of appointing someone he feels might be more complaisant to his point of view on Afghanistan (whatever that POV might be)?

I truly hope this is not the case, but it’s getting harder and harder to think otherwise as the President continues to stall on either answering McChrystal or even proposing a workable strategy of his own.

General McChrystal is an able and honorable man, wanting only the best for his country and his troops. I hope that the President can see this, and get beyond his evident distaste for military strategies that have proven to work in execution as well as in theory. Who knows? He might even begin to like the smell of victory…


2 Responses to Head to Head: Obama and McChrystal

  1. Doug says:

    This really puts POTUS on the spot. To lose Afghanistan and give AL Queda a safe haven is to risk another 9/11 or worse and insure his political fate.

    To commit a “surge” would alienate his base possibly create an opening for another “party star” to overtake him.

    Going down the middle with a half measure would alienate everybody. Since Hillary supports the surge option, failure to do so without good results might enable her to take the nomination in 2012 if the DNC realizes that far left wont win again.

    While it would appear that this situation is forcing our Commander in Chief to pick a side, never underestimate any politicians capacity to weasel out of anything.

    It would also be dangerous IMO to assume that a politician would consider the Nation before self interest.

    • Doug says:

      Looking at the News this p.m., it don’t look good. Fox News Anchor Bret Baer (sp?) reports that leaks from the White House tend to indicate that the administration is leaning towards looking at Al Queda and the Taliban as separate issues.

      That would be most unfortunate as both organizations have the same goal, specifically the spread of Sharia by the sword.

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