Max Baucus Lies: YES WE CAN Post Bill Online

It Can Be Done.  I Do This Kind Of Thing For A Living.

Baucus: Idiot Or Liar?

Baucus: Idiot Or Liar?

During his two-year Presidential campaign, Barack Obama repeatedly promised the American public we would have 72 hours to examine any legislation. Of course, we all know now that this was just one of his many empty “say whatever they wanna hear” lies.

The first (and probably most important) bill that appeared on his desk (yes, we’re talking the $780 billion stimulus package) was signed within an hour or two of it reaching him. We, The People, were left to wonder what we had just committed ourselves to. Many of us still have no idea of the extent of the package.

Enter the $900 billion Health Care Reform legislation that could easily wind up being a financial comittment several times that of the Stimulus package.

As a service to the American public, Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) proposed an amendment that would have required the Senate Finance Committee to post the final language of the health care reform bill (along with a Congressional Budget Office cost analysis) on the committee’s website for 72 hours prior to a vote. Since health care represents about one sixth of our economy, it would seem logical for us to want to know the specifics of a plan before we can let our representatives in Congress know how we feel about it.

Surprise, surprise: the proposal was rejected 12-11.

But here’s the straw that should break the voter’s  back: In a display of either butt-stupid ignorance or unfathomable arrogance, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) stated that it would be too difficult to post the bill on the Internet for the public to read. Baucus claimed it would take his staff up to two weeks to put the contents of the bill on-line for the public to read.

Chairman Baucus, you are either the dumbest sack of potatoes to hold public office or else a liar of mammoth proportions. Of course you can post the bill on-line. If you wanted to achieve the “transparency” the President promised us during his campaign, you can easily accomplish this very simple task. And it is simple regardless of whether you post the “plain English” version you vote on,  or the version with all the legal phrasing.

Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., himself admitted that “This probably sounds a little crazy to some people that we are voting on something before we have seen legislative language.” Indeed.

Baucus’ excuse – that it would take his committee staff two weeks to post the bill online – sounds a little crazy too…

Chairman Baucus, I run a print shop that also scans documents for use both on the Internet and in interoffice communications.  I work with machines that could scan the 1100 page stimulus package bill and give you a PDF file ready to be uploaded to your web site in under 15 minutes! I do this kind of thing frequently.

So my question to you, sir: Are you so out of touch with reality that you can’t figure out how to use technology to serve your constituents and the people of America? If that’s the case, sir, it’s time for you to pack it in and go mend fences.

Otherwise, you are nothing more than a lying tool of the Obama administration, assisting him in his continued effort to keep us in the dark. In either case, sir, I hope you either find a way to reverse that ludicrous decision, or that the good people of Montana vote you out of office at their earliest opportunity, for you have lost all sense of who you are as a public servant. We The People deserve much better representation than this.

Gerry Ashley


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  1. Superb work Gerry… Good job.


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