Leftists’ Post-Ironic Convergence


In a hilarious display of no doubt unintentional irony, the director and several stars of the new film, “The Age of Stupid“, avoid a reporter’s question on just how they arrived at the premiere. Given that the film posits that the most damaging threat to the human race is air travel, it seems a reasonable question to ask.

Clearly, not only is it not a reasonable question, anyone who asks it becomes persona non grata, as the director demands that the hapless reporter be removed from the press area.

Age of Stupid, indeed.


H/T: Weasel Zippers


3 Responses to Leftists’ Post-Ironic Convergence

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    Excellent example of how the leftist “we know best” hypocrisy works.

    “Excuse me while I destroy the planet flying around to promote my movie on how flying destroys the planet.”

    Another graduate from the Al Gore “University of Doesn’t Get It.”

  2. giuliana says:

    Helloooooo, Just wanted to have a little input in the whole “politcal nonsense in the states and Anti EVERYTHING pole”
    The citizens of the United States really need to open their minds and get involved if they really want change to any extent.Socialized healthcare would be great for this country; But this country is not prepared for or ready for any change. Soley due to the fact that our 1% ‘ers won’t allow change.They make you think you as citizens are important, when we are not TO THEM.(as if the re-count in florida mattered,and made our votes feel important and real).Take the time to talk to an immigrant that is a strong working citizen of the U.S. Ask them how it really is, Ask them how communism is.. You will see we have it here already..

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