Separated At Birth: U.N. Edition – Part II


This just in: Secret Nuke Development Plant Discovered In Iran.

Separated At Birth II copy


Yes, I know… the resemblance is uncanny, isn’t it?  And when Amadinejad spoke at the UN, most were in agreement that what came out of his mouth was pure… well, you get the idea.

I believe it was Mo Gadaffi (“Hey MOE!”) who suggested the United Nations be relocated in other countries on a revolving basis. If wads like Ahmadinejad are considered welcome, may I suggest the UN take Mo up on on the suggestion? If they hurry, they can be moved in time for the next freak show.

Gerry Ashley 


2 Responses to Separated At Birth: U.N. Edition – Part II

  1. Tom Folkes says:

    In 1962, my language class graduation was punctuated by a visit to the UN. It was fascinating to watch all the pomp and formality during that day’s session of the General Assembly. However, even at the young age of twenty, there was a nagging perception that it was all much ado about nothing, even though it was only a month after the close of the “Cuban Missile Crisis”. Shortly after that, I learned that during the Naval blockade of Cuba by the US, Cuba was receiving monetary aid from the UN to the tune of some millions per month. Who was contributing approximately 60% of the UN funding to Cuba, you may ask? Why, the good old US of A, that’s who! Ever since then, I have believed that we should evict the UN from from their rent free digs in New York City, and turn that property back into revenue producing real estate again. Nearly every time I see or read the latest utterance from the Chairman Hack du jour, it galls me to think we actually continue to prop up that sham organization. It won’t happen, of course, but my suggestion is that our membership in the UN should be put to a vote of the people every few years. My guess is we would drop out mui pronto!
    The best I can figure, the main reason for the UN’s existence is to give all the ambassadors a stage on which to play their silly games, mostly at our expense. We really do need a collective kick in the a$$ regarding the UN’s continued squatting on US soil. However, with both major political parties seeming to favor the silly game, and apparently content with the frequent anti-American diatribes from the UN membership, we have no options.

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    Amen to that, brother! Thanks for your comments, Tom. Nice to see you here!

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