9-12 Tea Party: Proud to Be American


Hot off the presses (so to speak) comes this spell-binding video of the 9/12 Tea Party in Washington D.C. from an attendee who is  clearly a hot new talent to watch. He did a terrific job of showing just how bi-partisan, how articulate, how concerned, and how truly grass-roots the crowd actually was:

Watching this makes me so proud of my fellow citizens.



21 Responses to 9-12 Tea Party: Proud to Be American

  1. Sissy Willis says:

    As a fellow New Englander, may I say TOTALLY AWESOME! Truly inspired. The music is sending “a thrill up my leg.”

  2. […] 9-12 Tea Party: Proud to Be American « Grand Rants grandrants.wordpress.com/2009/09/24/9-12-tea-party-proud-to-be-american – view page – cached Hot off the presses (so to speak) comes this spell-binding video of the 9/12 Tea Party in Washington D.C. from an attendee who is clearly a hot new talent to watch. He did a terrific job of showing just how bi-partisan, how articulate, how concerned, and how truly grass-roots the crowd actually was: — From the page […]

  3. Stoutcat says:

    Thanks Sissy, I felt the same way. I like the cut of this guy’s jib!

  4. Ben Hoffman says:

    Odds are 99% of those claiming politicians are violating the Constitution have never read the Constitution. The fact is, the Bush administration trampled all over the Constitution. Where were these people back then?

    • Stoutcat says:

      I’ll take your bet, Ben. I’d guess that at least 60% of them have read the Constitution, and 25% can recite the entire Bill of Rights from memory. And just in case you’ve never read it yourself, you can get yourself a handy-dandy pocket edition of both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence for free from the Heritage Foundation. I dare you to request one.

      • Ben Hoffman says:

        25% can recite the Bill of Rights? I’d bet that number is closer to 0%!

        Actually, I already have a copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights from the Cato Institute, but I took you up on your “dare.” Now I guess I’m going to be receiving a bunch of crap from the Heritage Foundation.

      • Stoutcat says:

        Good for you! Actually, I requested 10 copies from Heritage a few years ago. Received them within a week, and have heard nary a peep either in the mail or via email from them since. Hope your experience is the same.

    • Aaron Dodge says:

      What is it (other than you disagree with them, that is) that makes you think “99%” of them have never read the Constition? Based on WHAT do you make that claim and that specific percentage? Sounds to me like you simply disagree with someone and therefore, THEY must be stupid. If that’s the case (as I suspect), I’d say you’re running about a quart low on credibility.

  5. Beth Harris says:

    Very well done! So well put together, and the music is perfect! The statement on the last sign… one could say: Congress… HERE’S YOUR SIGN!!

  6. Aaron Dodge says:

    I’m getting confused here…

    I wasn’t sure which post to respond to, yours or Alan Speakman (immediately below yours.

    Who are we to grand rants? Are we the people in this video that you are proud of? Or are we the people described in the previous rant by Alan Speakman where he describes us as a bunch of losers who don’t have the character that you seem to find in those of us who attended the Tea Parties? I’m not disagreeing with him that there are people out there who are totally clueless, but there were clueless people during the time of WW1 and II as well. They just weren’t written about very much in the history books.

    I think certain people only see what they want to see to fit their agenda. Are we as great as our ancestors? No, but then again, our ancestors didn’t have Ninetendo distractions, cable tv and the malls as distractions. If they DID, you and I might not have the same opinion looking back.

    Yes a lot of us voted for Obama and now regret it. Not everyone was aware at the time just how biased the mainstream media is. Thanks to people like Glenn Beck, we now are aware of that.

    But don’t underestimate us or our patriotism. We are now aware of who Obama really is and we need to band together to defend our freedom from his attempts to give it away. Have some faith in us like Stoutcart, Mr. Speakman.

    • Stoutcat says:

      Aaron, you make interesting (and good) points. I won’t speak for Alan (he can and likely will speak for himself), but I do understand his point of view.

      Me? I’m the eternal optimist; my glass isn’t just half-full, it’s totally full and overflowing. So for me, not only do the folks in this video epitomize what is great about America, our commenters here do, as well. Even those who disagree; we’re all participating in one of the most sacred of our Constitutional rights–the right to free speech.

  7. Gerry Ashley says:

    Stunnng Video. We need to hang in there together like this for another year and then it will be time to clean house (and senate).

  8. Josie says:

    Absolutely fantastic! The music is wonderful, the people are patriots, the signs are true, the filming is excellent and I could just cry from pride in America!

  9. Ben Hoffman says:

    We live in this great country, but there are people like Sarah Palin who go to communist China and badmouth our country. And to think… that anti-American was almost vice-president! It’s one thing to criticize our country from within and to want to make it better, but to slam our country to communists is almost treasonous!

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