Sports Bar Politics, Youth, And America’s Future

From time to time, I have to remind myself that this blog is not merely about politics, although that seems to be where we focus much of our attention (with just cause).

There are several reasons we find ourselves in a position where a radical who has never really run anything as an executive, has no real governing experience, and has done little or nothing with his position as Senator except to run for the Presidency could actually win, based on smooth talk and false promises. One of the ways it was done was by and large the dumbing-down of our society.

This dumbing-down process is not only the result of liberal school boards pushing a liberal agenda for generations. It’s also the result of people who have the ability to reproduce, but lack the interest or the intellect (and in far too many cases, both) to raise their children with the kind of values that made this country (and this culture) great.

Instead, they’ve subcontracted that responsibility to day-care centers and babysitters, expecting, at the end of the day, to pick up their child with dry diapers and new manners. In the more tragic cases, the children are merely neglected and learn what they can from the streets.

Many parents think they are meeting their parental obligations by simply parking the kids in front of the TV until it’s time for a dinner of Hamburger Helper, Fritos, and a Coke. and then return to the TV until it’s time for bed. An entire generation has grown up that way, looking to television as its principal source of values while watching MTV and learning how to smart-talk their parents and teachers through the wit and wisdom of Bart Simpson.

Ask most young adults to look up the Gettysburg Address and most of them will start by trying to find the ZIP code. Think I’m kidding?

gatorsI chose to write about this today because I was once again reminded of this state of affairs this past week-end. I met an old friend for dinner and we chose to meet at a sports bar where we could watch his alma mater take on a rival on the big screen TV. While waiting for the game to begin, a table of loud young 20-somethings drowned ncf_u_tebow_sy_203out the sound of the TV with their conversation. We didn’t eavesdrop; we couldn’t escape the noise as they blathered on about different topics.  It sounded like nothing more than a bunch of sound-bites repeated from news headlines. Yet they spewed them as if they had done hours of research on the topic.

These are the people the liberals have been depending on to advance their leftist agenda. And they haven’t been let down. For the larger part, these youngsters have been asleep when it came to current events unless it was on MTV, or announced by Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart. I thought for sure, “These are the idiots that will pave the way for Obama to implement socialism.”

But a funny thing happened on the way to the demise of democracy. And that funny thing is known by several names, including

  • Talk radio
  • Television commentary (Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly)
  • Conservative Internet blogs

It’s been the Michelle Malkins, the Sean Hannitys, Glenn Becks, Mark Levins, and Rush Limbaughs that have continued to dig for the truth and make it available in the absence of a responsible mainstream media.

Granted, some of them are a little more theatrical than I’d like (spare me the dramatics, I just want whatever info you’ve uncovered). But the bottom line is that these people may well be the ones who have re-ignited the flame of urgency to know the truth of what’s going on.

And although these young people at the next table probably wouldn’t know a participle if it dangled in front of their eyes, they started speaking about politics with a passion and, for once, it wasn’t just those who had been drinking the Obama Kool-aid. There were some honest-to-goodness conservatives among them.

Granted, they were merely repeating sound bites from any one of Glenn Beck’s or Sean Hannity’s shows. But the point was that they were engaged in a heated, passionate debate. And even if their depth of knowledge was headline level, the ones quoting from the news talk shows were running rings around the Obamanites who could only mumble the word “change” every so often.

I said to my dining partner, “You know what? There is hope if we can get the young people of this country passionate about freedom and democracy. There is a chance we can outlast Obama’s agenda if these young people are willing to pick up the torch of liberty and champion its journey into the next generation.”

Perhaps. But my dining partner, ever the pessimist, dashed these hopes a bit with cold water. He smiled at me and said, “Oh yeah? Watch this!”

He turned to the group at the table and, at a point where the conversation was at a standstill interjected a question. “Say do any of you have one of those cell phones where you can access the Internet?” At least 4 of them whipped out their phones. My friend continued: “Can one of you find the Gettysburg Address for me?”

Without batting an eyelash, a young man offered the first response. “Do you know the ZIP code?” A second one asked, “Is this for a dude or company?” My friend just looked at me with a smile.

OK, well, maybe the next generation…

Gerry Ashley


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