Wolf and JEOPARDY! Again

Yeah, we were pretty tough on Wolf. I mean, in a way he deserved it. He really gnawed the gristle on that one. According to one TV maven who claims to have seen the practice rounds, even then Mr. Blitzer was dazed and confused. And if that’s the case, he probably should have feigned a sudden hamstring pull, a toothache, or even a stereo carpel tunnel of the buzzer thumbs. But that didn’t happen.

Instead Wolf went on air and… and… and… Let’s just say that he wasn’t having his best day. (A quick google suggests that the worst real Jeopardy! performance ever was -$5,100. Wolf ached his way to -$4,600… Given the way that Celebrity Jeopardy! dilutes its questions, Wolf’s final real-world score was probably in the -$7,500 range.)

So here’s the deal as I see it. Maybe Wolf had a few problems and was jumping cross-eyed; maybe he had a hearty liquid lunch (like you or I haven’t had such a thing) and missed it; maybe he just got confused. Whatever.

My point is that we not drive Blitzer into the ground. Yeah, commenters here and elsewhere will no doubt have some fun with this, but decency as always seems to be the way to go. If Wolf ain’t up to game right now, that doesn’t mean he’s contemptible. (I wonder how Mother Theresa would have done on Jeopardy?)

Hang in there Wolf… Maybe it’s time to recharge the batteries, or maybe it’s time to move on… You’ll be fine either way.

Alan Speakman


2 Responses to Wolf and JEOPARDY! Again

  1. Bohemond says:

    “If Wolf ain’t up to game right now, that doesn’t mean he’s contemptible.”

    Of course. After all, there are plenty of independent reasons to think Wolf contemptible.

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