I’ll Take LOSERS for $2000, Please, Alex

Awful. Awesomely bad. Embarrassing. A train wreck in slow motion.

It’s all over the internet already, of course. Wolf Blitzer, host of one of CNN’s prime programs, The Situation Room, has just lost all credibility as an anchor. Why? Because he lost on Celebrity Jeopardy! And he didn’t just lose, he bombed. He crashed and burned. He absolutely tanked.

And this isn’t the regular Jeopardy! show. No, this is the watered down version; Jeopardy Lite; Jeopardy for Dummies. Because of course you can’t allow celebrities to look like idiots, so you have to keep the questions basic. But no matter how hard they tried to keep it simple, no matter how easy the questions were, Mr. Blitzer defied all expectations and made a complete idiot of himself.

He ended the Double Jeopardy round with a score of -$4,600. Not just a negative number, but a huge negative number. But since it was Celebrity Jeopardy!, he qualified for a bail-out. In effect, the studio gave him back the $4,600 he lost, and then another $1,000 to compete in Final Jeopardy. Of course, the Final question was so easy that had Wolf missed it, CNN would have had to fire him immediately.

How bad was it? This bad:

And I speak from experience. As a former Jeopardy contestant, I know it’s not easy being on a stage, in front of bright lights, with people running around, clocks ticking, neon blinking, having to think quickly on your feet, and having to answer actual hard questions. But face it: here’s a man who’s accustomed to being on camera, he’s used to the lights, the bustle, the pressure of a TV show, he’s comfortable with deadlines and quick changes. He reports and discusses national and international news as his job, for Heaven’s sake.

There’s simply no excuse for his disastrous performance on a game show with questions already diluted to “very easy”; and if I were CNN, I’d seriously consider not renewing his contract when it’s up.

Because he’s proven to the country that he’s just not very bright.



5 Responses to I’ll Take LOSERS for $2000, Please, Alex

  1. Bob says:

    He’s a former Kenmore East High School (Tonawanda, NY) graduate, a few years after me, so that, along with working for the lefties, explains his intelligence.

  2. Sissy Willis says:

    Oooh. DIdn’t know you were a former Jeapardy contestant. What’s cutest/smartest girl on the Cpae, Alex?

  3. Not Jack says:

    I’d like to see Charlie Gibson up there….

  4. […] and JEOPARDY! Again Yeah, we were pretty tough on Wolf. I mean, in a way he deserved it. He really gnawed the gristle on that one. According to […]

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