You Might Be a Racist If…

Hey kids, let’s play a game! Okay, I know Jeff Foxworthy probably never intended his “You might be a redneck” schtick to morph into this but honestly, Maureen Dowd’s latest diatribe was the last straw. You simply cannot avoid the accusations of racism that will come screaming your way if you disagree with the president or his policies or even his cronies in the slightest way. It seems we’re not yet in the post-racial era we were promised.

So with that in mind, let’s play

You Might Be A Racist!

If you didn’t vote for Obama… you might be a racist!

If you thought Jeremiah Wright’s preaching is racist… you might be a racist!

If you don’t think that America is a nation of cowards… you might be a racist!

If you even wondered whether Sonia Sotomayor was the best choice President Obama could have made for his first Supreme Court nomination… you might be a racist!

If you attended a Tea party… you might be a racist!

If you’re a policeman simply doing your job… you might be a racist!

If you think that universal health care is not actually a right guaranteed by the Constitution… you might be a racist!

If you think Kanye West was rude to Taylor Swift… you might be a racist!

If you don’t think Mark Lloyd should be Obama’s “diversity czar”… you might be a racist!

If you wonder why we need a “diversity czar” in the first place… you might be a racist!

If you thought then-Sen. Obama called you a racist way back in 2006… you might be a racist!

If you’re even reading this post… you might be a racist!



11 Responses to You Might Be a Racist If…

  1. Solana2012 says:

    I LOVED this!

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    And if you enjoyed this as much as I did, you might not BE a racist, but I’m sure the Main Stream Media will see you as such.

    Oh and so-called “actress” Janeane Garbagefellow will not only label you racist, but also a tea-bagger as well. Isn’t it nice to know the left-wing barking moonbats are so well-adjusted?

  3. Sissy Willis says:

    Fun stuff. Glad to be a charter member of the “You Might Be a Racist” Club. Thanks for the link! 🙂

  4. MODI says:

    Cute, but you miss the point.

    Of course none of those things in and of itself verifies racism. I know many people who hold these positions who are not racist.


    Only a fool could argue that there is not something going on in our country that is part and parcel of the conservative movement today that contains an ugly racial subtext. now that doesn’t mean that you individually are “racist” for your position, but if you are unable to diagnose that race is a driving force for many others, well then you are merely driving racism’s getaway car (as has been the case throughout history).

    What would be nice to see once in a while are those who responsibly disagree with Obama’s policies do so, but disassociate themselves (god forbid “condemn”) the climate race-based hatred that is very dangerous (and yes, even lethal).

    Those who are “racist” usually distinguish themselves not with their intellectual stance, but with their unmatched level of vitriol and anger associated with their stance when compared to similar “all-white” circumstances. This is not “provable” with words alone, but you know it when you see it consistently.

    So for example, if you never gave a crap about it when any other presidents talked to school kids, but all of a sudden freaked out when Obama did, well you might be a racist…

    • Hey Modi,

      Try this… I’m not a racist. Period. If I had my way, of all the people who walk this planet, my first choice for who should be sitting in 1600 right now is Condi. Of all the people I admire, Colin Powell is number one. If I had my way, Charles Payne would be head of the Fed. J.C. Watts is fantastic.

      What’s more, I can’t stand Arlen Specter. I can’t stand Olympia Snow. I can’t stand Larry Craig. I couldn’t stand Nixon.

      I’m pro gay marriage. I’m pro abortion in the first trimester.

      There Modi. Be honest, are you as open minded and objective?

      Look, I’m one of the founders of Grand Rants… None of us are racists. Period. If we were, we’d probably be using terms akin to “Hymie Town” (Jackson), “Chocolate City” (Nagin), and “Whitey” (take your pick).

      No, we’re not racists… We just have the unfortunate task of telling the truth no matter what side of the agenda it falls on.

      Grow up.

      Alan Speakman

    • Blake says:

      Modi- I disagreed with the Resident’s speech to schoolchildren when I saw the program points, one of which concerned “how we, as schoolchildren, could help the president achieve his goals” I mean, that is straight out of a Stalinist handbook on propaganda. If that makes me racist (I’m not sure how it could), I can live with that.
      My objections to this man have never been color- based, but liberals use the word racist to attempt to divert attention from the poor ideas this man has. If that’s racist, well then, OK.
      Support bacteria- it’s the only culture liberals have.

  5. Don Hill says:

    You say “….race is a driving force for many others…” that’s nonsense. MANY others? Drop the MANY and you might have something. Also… DRIVING force? Certainly there is more to most of those who don’t want “Change” than this as a DRIVING force. It quite naturally could be a factor… just as Race is a factor when it becomes a Race Card for liberals to slam anyone who disagrees with them. You will never eliminate race from our political and personal outlook if its used as a tool… as we see here.

  6. Willy says:

    Modi – I, too, would have voted for Condi Rice for president. I suspect you would not have. So are you a racist or a misogynist?

  7. Scott says:


    You make a great point, agree with the writer to a certain extent and are called a misogynist and told by the founder of the web-site to “grow up”! Wow…..seems like quite a vitriolic response to me! Keep it up! Scott

    • Scott,

      As for the phrase “grow up”, you bet it’s harsh. It should be. Tossing around the term “racist” is damned serious. Example: Try it in the corporate environment and see what happens. Either you’d better have some pretty conclusive proof for the usage of that term, or you’re going to be out on the street so fast your head will spin.

      Just as racism is a vile issue, so is the issue of throwing around the race card whenever there’s a disagreement. I repeat… Both are vile. And to those who wallow in either issue are either moronic, agenda-blind, vicious, or politically infantile. For the last three I say again, “Grow up!” And that’s using constraint on my part.

      Alan Speakman

      • Blake says:

        Alan, well said- on my site, I have many people who reflexively throw out the racist word, especially the weaker their arguments get. I wear that word, when it comes from them, with a little satisfaction, as it means they have no legit ammo for their arguments.

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