We Are All Racists Now (Part 2)

As Stoutcat pointed out in her rant We Are All Racists Now, the liberal media, currently in the form of the clearly insane Maureen Dowd, has taken to hallucinating racist statements made by white Republican males. But isn’t it interesting how the charges of racism only seem to get applied to the perceived actions of Caucasians. Key word: perceived.  This is a clear example of what I  call an L-STD (liberal socially transmitted disease) known as “political correctness.”

Anyone with an IQ above nutmeg would question the charge of racism levied on Joe Wilson for his outburst (“You Lie!”) during the President’s joint address to Congress (and the Nation) last week. Obama had just told a whopper of a lie, shortly after saying that he, himself would call out people when he caught them doing so. In effect, Wilson was employing what Obama had just claimed HE would do. Nothing racist there whatsoever.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Interestingly enough, this week-end, we got a prime example of the opposite end of that spectrum.  During the annual Video Music Awards (VMA), talented young  Taylor Swift was announced as the winner of the best female video of the year. It was the first VMA for the country singer in a world dominated by Rap and urban hip-hop. This was a shining moment for the 19- year-old, who happens to be Caucasian. Among other nominees she had to beat for the honor was none other than lovely Beyoncé Knowles the uber-talented American superstar of African and Creole descent.   Taylor went up on the stage to receive her award, clearly thrilled; and had just started into her thank-you speech when suddenly,  rap/hip-hop star Kanye West,  ran on stage,

Kanye West Mugs Taylor Swift

Kanye West Mugs Taylor Swift

yanked the microphone from the stunned Taylor’s hands, and proceeded to announce to the world that Beyonce should have won the award, describing her video as “one of the best videos of all time.”

A stunned Taylor stood speechless, her moment of recognition stolen from her. When West handed the microphone back to her, she was too stunned to continue and simply walked off stage, her big moment marred   by an act of arrogance, rudeness, and  stubris (an act of stupidity-fueled hubris).

Notice the absence of anything? I was easily able to define West’s actions without resorting to accusations of racism.  But just imagine, if you will:  had the winner been Beyoncé and country star Tim McGraw grabbed the microphone from her to state that, in his opinion, Swift should have won… You can pretty much assume the protests would have begun with cries of racism.  Clearly they would if the story was covered by Maureen Dowd.

Incidentally, later in the broadcast, Beyoncé won the award for best video of the year. In an amazing show of class, she took center stage and  remarked how excited she had been when, at the age of 17 she won her first award… and with that, she called Taylor Swift back to the stage and yielded the balance of her time to give Swift back her moment.

Take note, Mr. West. Class is something you either have or you don’t.  And it’s got nothing to do with race or racism. Beyoncé has it. You don’t.

At what point do the liberals understand that it is possible to take issue with the actions of a person of a different race without it being a racial issue? None of the criticism of West  included assumptions of racism… precisely how it should be. It damages us all when people throw that brick-bat about with nothing to support it.

Joe Wilson made a mistake in calling Obama a liar. Not because it’s untrue (as Obama has demonstrated that he lies on a regular basis), but because he chose to do it in the wrong venue – a joint address to Congress.

To his credit, he apologized. To President Obama’s credit, he accepted it and has moved on.  Time for Dowd to get a her facts straight, get beyond this. and move on (talk about asking for a miracle…).

To hell with political correctness.  We need truth in our lives and our news. Or as Robin Williams once said, “Reality! Whoa! What a concept!”

Gerry Ashley


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