How Big was the Tea Party?

This was to be a redundancy rant – a re-hashing of something that everybody already knows, but a piece worth writing nonetheless. All I started out to do was cite the approximate number of attendees at yesterday’s D.C. Tea Party and put that in perspective with other historical events… But as I researched the mainstream media, my goal changed to that of simply finding out how many people showed up. (The MSM was absolutely no help in this endeavor.)

But it ain’t so easy just to get a simple body count! ABC News referred to “tens of thousands” (and they’re still sticking with that). But judging by the interactive diagram published back in January by USA Today (and retrieved for the occasion by Michelle Malkin), it seems likely that the crowd reached over one million people. It looked like the entire National Mall was packed, with the overflow spilling into adjacent neighborhoods. So ABC News is still off in their estimation by at least a factor of 10. Good going there, ABC News!)

And let’s not forget all the other Tea Parties being held around the country, and Glenn Beck’s humongous audience…

In any event, the point becomes glaringly clear – Americans are disgusted by the lobbyists, lawyers, unions, politicians who will sell this country right down the tubes for their own agenda, aggrandizement, money, and power. We find back-room deals repugnant, and expect our elected officials to behave with the civility, duty, and humility that their lofty positions deserve… Positions that we the people gave them, by the way.

We expect them to respect the Constitution. After all, many of us plain folk have sworn to defend the Constitution with our lives. We expect our elected officials to listen to us, and we damn well expect them to at least read the legislation that their lawyers and lobbyists wrote.

Ah hell… By my guess, the 9/12/09 D.C. Tea Party attendance figure was probably well over 1,000,000 strong… Let’s just hope that it all wasn’t just a big waste of time.

Alan Speakman


11 Responses to How Big was the Tea Party?

  1. hoboduke says:

    Nobody understands who deep this current of unrest runs throughout every part of our nation! Even those sympathetic to citizens in the Tea Party, still underestimate the strength of this national tide of protest against federal powers over the states. My fear is that our President by ignoring this will be ineffective and will use force to subdue a new national unity against power. This is a new century, and a new millenium, with answers from political hacks that don’t fit these times. Change is coming, and it will not be a tune set by the President.

    • Hi HoboDuke,

      Right on! I wrote about the very change of which you speak. (… A hard rain is going to fall.

      Here’s what I’m looking for in my representatives and our minions:
      i.) They have a brain. Goodbye Nancy “We’re losing 500 million American jobs per month” Pelosi. Goodbye Larry “foot tapping” Craig. Goodbye “Turbo Tax” Tim Geithner…
      ii.) They be honest. Goodbye Sandy Burgler. (Ah heck, we can say goodbye to almost all of them!)
      iii.) They have a clue. How many of these clowns actually know that we’re NOT in hock 3 – 4 trillion… With obligations to Medicare/Medicaid/SS, we’re 50+ trillion in the hole. And we want to use that wisdom to create a universal health care bill?!? (Why is it that it’s only guys like Fox News’ Glenn Beck and CNN’s Lou Dobbs understand this stuff?)
      iv.) They actually have the character to stand up for what is right. Notice how Obama ran away from gay marriage? I guess that in 2009, our first black president still believes that “separate but equal” is fair.

      Mark these words HoboDuke… Someday (sooner vs. later), someone is finally going to have the brains, wisdom, character, and knowledge to buck the whole damned system of lawyers, lobbyists, unions, etc. And Americans will flock to him or her.

  2. Kurt says:

    One million? It was more like two million.

    • Hi Kurt,

      Thanks for your reply… My gut and my eyes are telling me that it was well above million… But I’m extraordinarily careful about overstating things. I initially wrote that rant assuming that AP, Reuters, etc. would simply state the facts. They of course turned away (when will I learn?) and I had to arrive at my own numbers. (I’m an engineer, and for me numbers are life and death.) Anyway, given the corroboration of images, video, accounts, and the USA Today diagram… I placed the value at a conservative one million. We here at Grand Rants go crazy trying to document facts, and not inadvertently taint via opinion. Therefore, I would stake my reputation that one million was at the very worst a minimum.

      Hope you understand…

      Thanks again Kurt for your input,

      Alan Speakman

  3. Benny says:

    Sorry Alan, It probably was a waste of time. Sorry to inform you of that…

    So long as no widespread civil disobedience takes place, nobody will take us serious.

    You know that’s the truth. They are not afraid of peaceful protesters, not at all. They’ll let us vent as much as we wish, and just go back to business as usual.
    We need to continue this fight on every front, + step it up a notch or 2.

    In the end it all boils down to this: Who will win? The Defenders of the constitution or the offenders?
    The answer to that depends on How far we are willing to go, and what price we are willing to pay?

    • Hi Benny,

      Thanks for your comment… If I understand you correctly, you suggest that peaceful civil disobedience isn’t going to work… Respectfully, I disagree completely. I think the only hope we have is peaceful protest. One of my biggest fears is that there will be a violent conservative lashing out. There are too many of us, and the bloodshed would be horrible. Further, it would set the conservative movement back decades. (Imagine what it would do to our military…) And that’s not to mention that it would just be wrong. Violence simply isn’t the way to go.

      Glenn Beck is handling this just right… Research the snot out of issues, and politely and pointedly point out the errors of the politician’s ways… Those two students who pretended to be prostitute and pimp put a major whammy on 1600 without a drop of blood being shed – ACORN and the census lead right back to the Oval Office, and the world knows it. Ouch.

      Lou Dobbs went nuts on Medicare/Medicaid/SS…

      And you don’t have to be famous… Look at what’s happening on YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, etc. We’ll have our Tea Parties. We’ll vote the bums out. Look at what’s happening with the political climate in America… But if there’s violence, it’s all going to go out the window.

      Peace, and power to the conservative people.

      Alan Speakman

    • Solana2012 says:

      Though I know how absolutely frustrated you are, I agree with Alan Speakman; violence is not the way. However, that is not to say ‘don’t be prepared’ for violence.
      If, in fact, we hit them where it hurts, right in the pocket, there will be a backlash like you can’t imagine. If all government programs were stopped, every one of them, and all the government had to “do” was efficiently run our military and protect our country from non-citizens/terrorists/bad-gov’t, the people benefitting from these now-in-effect-programs would unquestionably (I believe) revolt and riot.
      What would you do if suddenly your home was taken away? Suddenly you have no money for food? You’ve spurned, “spit” on, and taken advantage of those in your own community who might have helped you so you now have nowhere to turn for help?
      There’s your violence.
      People are already “taking” what they have not earned; they would continue to try to do so from any source available. Definitely be prepared.
      Until someone can convince me otherwise, I believe flat tax is the way to go; let the actual voters of each city decide how to “dole out” the tax money – who’s worthy of receiving assistance (whether it’s the poor, or the tragedy-stricken, the inferm, the elderly -…… or for crying out loud! as they showed on FOX today: the ridiculous grants and government programs in effect right now such as: “Wood Utilization Research” (100 million so far), “shrimp farming” (76 million so far), “studying the brown tree snake” (15 million so far), “studying blueberries” (3.4 million so far), and many, many more)!
      Washington, D.C., is too high up the food chain for me to make a difference, to have my say. I didn’t vote to spend money on the corporate study of wood, but my congressman “says” I elected him to give himself another raise.
      If each city’s residents voted on their own proposed “government programs”, we’d be more able to actually control the spending. What is needed for the residents in Las Vegas isn’t necessarily needed for the residents in Camdenton, Missouri….We could vote “yes” on things that would help our own communities, where we actually live; we would have the physical capability to make our “homes” rich or poor. The outcomes would be our own faults, no one else’s.
      It’s easier to run a single household than a household & 2 businesses at the same time – I’ve done it.
      Let DC run its household; let us run ours.
      And it’s time to clean house.
      Let them use violence; we’re better than that.

      • Benny says:

        “If I understand you correctly, you suggest that peaceful civil disobedience isn’t going to work…”

        Sorry for the misunderstanding. Actually, all I suggested was, “widespread civil disobedience”. That’s exactly what I said:
        “So long as no widespread civil disobedience takes place, nobody will take us serious.”

        I also mentioned that protests alone won’t work, we’ll have to step it up, and by that I meant Civil Disobedience – which I understand is slightly different and a step or 2 up from protesting…

        You’re absolutely right: Violence is not the way. We don’t want bloodshed – God forbid.

        However, Solana 2012 is right on as well: We should always be ready to defend ourselves should the need arise. It’s the extremists on the other side of this debate who have me worried.

        Pat Buchanan, although I might not always agree with him, wrote a horrifying – in your face- article titled: Is America coming apart?
        (Sorry, I’m not very good with coding the links.)
        Pat’s a hard hitter no doubt, and he addresses questions I’ve been asking myself for a very long time now. But Pat, gutsy as he is, did not answer the final question in that article. I believe he knows the answer, as do you and I. Yes. American is indeed coming apart. We have nothing, nothing at all, in common with the leftists and liberals.
        May I therefore suggest that we break it up on our own before it comes to bloodshed? You take the east coast we’ll take the west, or the other way around? Or will I be stoned just for suggesting it. If I will be stoned for this suggestion, and the stones will be hurled at me from both sides of the aisle, I guess we still have hope as the “United” States of America after all.

        God Help us!

      • Hi Benny,

        My mistake about your comment. I thought you were talking about violence after protests. My bad.

        Is America coming apart? Absolutely. I cringe when I hear someone describe himself as an “Italian American”, or “Irish American”, or “African American”. I can’t stand St. Patrick Day, Kwanzaa, and Cinco de Mayo. IMHO, those holidays don’t truly bring us together, but rather split us apart. Consider “Little Italy” and “China Town”. Then there’s gay pride, white power, black power, and feminism. Why can’t we all put the past in the past, and just get on with it as Americans?

        Because of my last name, I’ve faced quite a bit of antisemitism. (Which is kind of funny in that as far as I know, I have a German background. I guess there could be some Jewish blood there, but I sure look like a blue-eyed, blond German…Who cares?) But so what… There are antisemites out there. I call them jackasses and just move on as an American and don’t wrap myself in ethnic/religious agenda.

        We are splitting apart… And this business of celebrating “diversity” isn’t helping. Once, America was a great melting pot. Now we’re compartmentalizing.

        Thanks for the comment.

        Alan Speakman

  4. Milliann Johnson says:

    Alan, I had to come to the site to even find any comment about the Tea Party this weekend. My local Fox station, did 90 seconds on local congressman Alan Grayson and his prohealthcare reform crowd and somewhere between 15 to 30 seconds on DC. The pic’s though do uphold a mill or more in attendance. I think the media feels like if they don’t report it as news that people will believe that they are all alone in their feelings and just give up. That is why I feel like the internet is so important right now in getting the word out and hooking up with like minded people.

    I saw a piece over the weekend about Alan Stern the leader of the Healthcare workers union. It stated they spent 13 million dollars helping get Obama elected and the effort was based on his (Obama) belief in univeral healthcare. The group has once again started manning the phones to try to help push through free healthcare for all. The under part of this story is Mr Stern’s motivation. He lost a child through a medical problem and he affirmed when asked, do you think your daughter could have been saved if their had been free healthcare, that she could have been. I feel bad for this man, but I am also angry that he would use millions of dollars of these workers money to promote his own personal agenda. I cannot understand why any one who truely represents the interest of the people, could want Universal Healthcare, do they not understand someone has to PAY, nothing in life is FREE!!!!!

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