Do It Yourself


skeleton in closet2It is said that if you want something done right, you must do it yourself. Never has that been more apparent than now.

President Obama has selected more than 30 people to sit in positions of special power in the White House. Appointed by the President, they report directly to the President. They do not hold cabinet positions which require Senate confirmation (and why the heck isn’t the Senate screaming its collective head off at this blatant bypassing of their approval power?); they are not ambassadors, emissaries, or anything like that. They are the Czars.

They have titles like Head of the Auto Task Force (Ron Bloom); and Energy Coordinator (Carol Browner); and Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Coordinator (Cameron Davis); and Adviser to the White House Council on Environmental Quality (until lately, Van Jones), but they are all Czars. And oddly enough, most, if not all, Czar positions can be readily associated with an exisiting cabinet department, yet the department secretaries–and the cabinet departments themselves–were bypassed as President Obama selected these people to work by his side in his self-appointed task of changing the country to fit his ideals.

And with the President turning over hundreds of billions of dollars to these Czars to spend, you’d better believe that the country will change.

Aside from being the chosen few, the Czars all have one more thing in common. Their backgrounds have been largely unscrutinized either by Congress or the press. We all know how well that worked out in the case of the Green Czar. But who knows what other skeletons lurk in the Czars’ closets? As usual, the mainstream media, too busy carrying water for the President, had been silent on the low-hanging fruit that was Van Jones. It took a combination of just one blogger and one commentator to uncover exactly what Mr. Jones’ politics are. Once those politics became public, Van went under the Bus.

With Congress neatly circumvented and the press busy being irrelevant, the only way we will find out anything about these Czars is if We the People do the digging ourselves. While the White House clearly has a vested interest in keeping the backgrounds and qualifications of these Czars far away from the public sphere, the example of Van Jones tells us that we need to scrutinize each and every appointment.

Among the Czars are there more Truthers? Communists? Radical leftists? We don’t know. And we should. But no-one is going to do this work for us. If we want to know, we’ll have to do it ourselves.

Let’s find out just who’s running our country.



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