10 Reasons to be Very Afraid…

Here are ten reasons why Americans (and the rest of the world for that matter) should be very afraid. Except for the last, they’re in no particular order:

  • In the long term, the American economy is shot. Forget about a ten trillion dollar debt… Let’s talk at least five times that or $67,000,000,000,000 plus and exploding. (Just add the national debt and the unfunded liabilities at The National Debt Clock.) No one reading this in 2009 will ever see the debt amortized unless of course we start printing money like fiends and enter the sci-fi world of hyper inflation.
  • Obama is completely in cahoots with media, unions, and radical groups like ACORN. His power grabs for things like the census and the national intelligence system would be horrifying if they weren’t so numbing.
  • Afghanistan (and Pakistan too) are starting to turn on us. Because of our failing support to those two countries, and a rise in American liberal amnesia since 9/11 (especially since Obama took 1600) those two countries quite frankly don’t know who to side with – the U.S. or radical Islam. And we all know where 9/11 came from, and who now has the “Bomb”. Two plus two equals…
  • The “War on drugs” is a joke – a complete and utter joke and we all know it. And violence and drugs walk in lockstep. To make things almost comical, the current POTUS and the one before him both admit to using drugs. (And Clinton admitted to smoking pot, but not “inhaling” it. Yeah… Right.) The problem lies in the nature of the supply and demand market. If the demand is there, the supply will follow. Didn’t the American prohibition teach us anything? We’re not addressing the heart of the matter, the demand side of the matter.
  • The politicians simply will not definitively close our Southern border for fear of losing the Hispanic vote. (I wonder how many terrorists we haven’t caught?)
  • As if the border issue wasn’t enough of a problem,  we’re doing an abysmal job watching our ports. We inspect only 2% of the containers that come into this country. How long before a bio-weapon gets in?
  • A nuclear war isn’t the only way we might get to glow. Just think of the Kursk and Chernobyl.
  • Analogous to the “War on Drugs” we fail to address the heart of the matter when it comes to radical Islam – that of the indoctrination and brainwashing of children (please take the time to look at this). Countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Sudan, and Somalia are pouring out little cult robots, and all the “shock and awe” in the world isn’t going to stop that. Granted, explosions makes for great TV, YouTube, and the contemptuous (even humorous) sense of victory, but the countless imams and madrassas are nothing less than factories – relentless, fluid factories.
  • There is a terrible collision coming between the advancement, power, and ubiquity of science and technology, and the stumbling, eyes-closed, delusional influence of religion. Doubt it? Just think of what those 9/11 fanatics did with high-tech jets, and what the kooks of the “Aum” movement did in the subways of Japan.
  • But perhaps the most alarming storm on the horizon is us. We think of ourselves as “Americans” but we are not, in fact, the Americans who won the west, who brutally ended WWII by firebombing Dresden, Tokyo, and finally incinerated Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We’re not those Americans any more, and in some ways that’s a good thing. But in other ways, it’s a horrible thing. We have lost that determined, decisive spark, as well as that element of common sense. Instead, we have become a pack of petty, litigation-mad, titillation seekers. We are politically correct to the point of self-destruction. Ask yourself this… How do you think that the Greatest Generation would have handled 9/11? How do you think FDR, Patton, Eisenhower, LeMay, or MacArthur would have handled radical Islam? For all their terrible flaws, why do you think we still refer to them as the Greatest Generation?

Ok, so I’m a nut job. I’m a conspiracy theorist. Maybe one or two of the things I listed above are straight out of Rubber Room Town. Hey! Maybe I’m wackier still, and I pulled five or six of those theories right out from under my aluminum foil hat, facts and all. Maybe seven, eight, or nine of those scenarios are just plain dumb… But not all ten… Not all ten.

Take a look at that list of ten above and tell me that all ten are crazy. Tell me that any one, just one, of those isn’t an all too real prescription for disaster on a global scale…


And that’s why you should be very afraid.

Alan Speakman


3 Responses to 10 Reasons to be Very Afraid…

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  2. WALTERC says:

    #10 pretty much sums up what my late granddad told me in the early 80’s. He said that thanks to my generation, the United States will be gone in 30 years. And he wasn’t talking about islam (although the iranian revolution concerned him). He was talking about liberalism taking control of our schools, and government.

    Have faith gramps, we’re not dead yet.

  3. firebreathingchristian says:


    Well said!

    When we take the time to soberly examine the direction being charted by the Obama administration, we are bound to become very concerned – perhaps even more than a bit frightened – and, hopefully, more prone to take action while there is yet time.

    There’s a related story posted at Fire Breathing Christian titled: “Hope, Change and the Creepy Face of American Socialism”

    Here’s a link:


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